How to Get Rid of Jewelry you Don’t need and Organize what you Have to Keep

Jewelry storage options are available by the dozen from sites like For those that don’t regularly evaluate the jewelry they have however, the need for storage and organizers can increase rather quickly.


Browsing the different jewelry organizer choices, that can be very overwhelming. Before anyone runs out to buy hooks, trays, dishes, boxes, or whatever the case, we always recommend taking inventory of what needs to be stored and what you don’t need to keep. Set aside pieces no longer worn. Perhaps those can be placed in a more private place. Comparatively, paired earrings, the untangled necklaces, and other pieces that you go wear at least once every few months can be put into a jewelry organizer.


Before selecting a jewelry storage product, you’ll need to know where you wish to place it. Note jewelry is best kept separated from extreme heat, bright lights, and moisture. Therefore, choose wisely. If you have chosen a jewelry organizer with drawers, compartmentalization can keep things from being jumbled or lost. Padded jewelry trays make customizing your jewelry presentation easy and fun. You may have to grab specific inserts for rings, earrings, or necklaces. Keep in mind a jewelry organizer should not only be a way to store your jewelry but also, presentation is central. When you pull out a drawer, everything will be there ready to look at.


If you choose to use surface storage, this can be an open way to share the look of your jewelry while moving things around rather easily. Jewelry boxes like this range from large, elaborate, and expensive to those smaller and more basic. There are also trees that can be purchased for necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and other items like this. Adding some personality to it is never a bad thing, either. So if jewelry is your passion and you want to ensure your items are kept organized yet readily accessible, jewelry organizers from are available in a variety of sizes and finishes.


Choose from the 16-compartment large capacity jewelry box storage for $29.99, the 20-slot lockable jewelry box in leather for $49.99, the large leather 6-layer jewelry table top box with removable drawers for $69.99, the wooden chest jewelry organizer box perfect for earrings and rings for $53.99, or the 11-slot jewelry travel storage case in velvet for $23.99.


Save your diamonds, rings, watches, necklaces, and more. Store them as you please in a high quality jewelry organizer customized to your style. As you take the time and effort to organize jewelry, we hope you come up with an exquisite presentation for all your favourites!

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