Why Wine Rack Organization has become so Popular among the Trendy Crowd

Do you love wine – we certainly do. That said, unless you’re buying one bottle at a time, accumulating wine bottles can lead to a lot of clutter. If you’re in a small space or have a small kitchen, a wine rack is a great organization item that can help save on space. It’ll also be an excuse to put your prized wine collection on display.


Don’t do what we did for years. Putting wine bottles in storage or setting them atop a wobbly fridge is a bad idea. Get yourself a proper wine rack that’s reliable, affordable, and that gives the presentation you want. To this point, wine rack organization has grown in popularity significantly in recent years. This year, on Instagram, ‘wine rack organization’ as a search term has grown by more than 140 percent – just as an example.


If you’re looking for the perfect wine rack for your home, Living.ca has some options. If you want a tabletop wine rack, our most highly rated option in the Living.ca catalogue is a butterfly-shaped eco-friendly bamboo rack. That option will give you enough storage for eight bottles. If you’re looking for something a little larger, we’ve got the 12-bottle dark espresso bamboo countertop wine rack as well.


Now, let’s say you’re getting up to 12 bottles, 16 bottles, 20 bottles, or maybe as much as 30 to 40 bottles. For this amount, you’re not going to be able to feature them all in a countertop presentation. Alternatively, we’ve for a 4-tier wine display free standing for sixteen bottles for $39.99, a metal arched free-standing floor wine holder for 23 bottles for $34.99, and the visually impressive wooden wine rack stackable for up to 36 bottles across six tiers for $49.99.


Whether you’re going to go for a free-standing floor structure or a tabletop wine rack, you’ve got some different presentation options to weigh. Needless to say, using a wine rack, you’ll maximize your space and transform what may be a cumbersome bottle collection into something stylish. Choose the support system for your wine bottles that best supports the look you’re going for. After all, every wine-lover deserves an efficient way to maintain and present their wine.


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