Save Space in the Home with a Foldable Ottoman and other Storage Options

Saving space is one of the biggest trends going in Canadian home and condo construction. Whether it’s a condo in downtown Toronto, a rural home off the back roads in Saskatchewan, or a tiny home in Vancouver, saving space is something every homeowner is challenged by.


If you’re looking to save space and add some functionality to your home, storage products, furniture doubling as a storage products, and more can help save space. A folding ottoman square foot rest and bench seat is a great purchase for this reason. The folding ottoman has comfort foam padding, a sturdy setup structure,  removable cushion lid, and is a perfect space saving solution for any loose odds and ends you might have kicking around the house.


If you’re looking for simple storage containers you can fill in and set away somewhere like in a closet or basement, there’s no shortage of options there either. Choose from a plastic latch storage box to plastic weave-style storage tote organizer boxes, a 6-tier fabric shoe rack which is perfect for keeping little bits and bobs organized, and more. For homeowners, having well-functioning storage units or cleverly designed furniture doubling as storage is a major asset. Although we focus a lot on renovation and home improvement as a way of keeping things tidy and new, home storage gets things up off the floor and can create a whole new presentation at much less cost.


Some other storage products you may want to use to help keep things organized at home might include watch boxes, jewelry organizers, acrylic organizers, living room organizers, standalone shelves, garage organizers, bathroom organizers, kitchen organizers, closet organizers, or laundry organizers. For the first time, you can store in style with organizers and storage boxes in all sorts of different sizes, colors, and designs. Prior to purchasing, be sure to take measurements and ensure it fits to where you need it to. At, we don’t believe in selling stylish, trendy products if they’re not equally functional and performance-driven. We’ve tried and tested every storage organizer in our catalogue, and they’ve all received high ratings from our product specialists.


Although a lot of home storage products come with definitions of what’s expected, after it’s in your hands, you can store anything in these compartments, cabinets, and hidden storage drawers.


Save space with a folding storage ottoman with two drawer foot rest stool from Buy it today for only $69.99 with fast, free shipping included to anywhere in Canada. Shop ottomans and other storage options all on-sale for a limited time.

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