See the Best Coffee Makers to keep the Coffee Coming in the Office or on-the-job

Nothing gets us through a tough work day like coffee. A strong cup of joe goes a long way in keeping us focused and on-point. If you’re looking to save some time or improve your coffee game at-home or in the office, it’s not a bad plan to consider shopping a brand new coffee maker with

For the best coffee makers you can use at-home or on-the-job, you can brew all your favourite coffee beverages with any of the half-dozen models found here. Using a coffee makers, enjoy your next cup of coffee out to the garage, install a coffee maker in your home office, or keep  it all reserved for the kitchen should you decide so.

Some of the options you have to choose from is the most impressive 15-bar pump espresso machine and coffee maker which is one of our highest rated coffee makers for $109.99. Although it comes in at a high price point, for coffee enthusiasts who have a taste that goes beyond average, the combination espresso machine and coffee maker brews a great cup of coffee.

Among the more affordable coffee makers you’ll find with includes the 12-cup programmable coffee maker for $19.99 and the 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker to brew, ground, and capsule for $29.99 – either of which are premium built and ready for daily use.

Having your own coffee maker on-hand gives you more control over how you want it. Brew as many cups as you like, get everything just right, and set up the machine wherever you like. For Canadians who also enjoy making their own coffee by grinding up the beans themselves, also carries with it a stainless steel electric coffee grinder for $12.99.

All in all, you have everything you need here to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee wherever you happen to be. These are all little workhorses and a very smart idea if you’re someone having coffee on the regular. If you can get by without it, all the more power to you! At the same time, we know we can’t. We love our coffee and so do so many of our customers. That’s how we’ve been lucky enough to get together with our manufacturers and suppliers, optimizing the design and performance of each of the coffee makers included in this article.

At, we’re confident we have some of the best coffee makers in Canada. Feel encouraged to drop in any time to check out what we’re brewing. For a good, strong cup of coffee prepared the way you like it, the best way is with your own coffee maker! Shop today.

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