See 4 Dermatologist-Approved Products to get Rid of Puffy Eyes

Puffy eyes can come from crying, from allergies, from being tired and restless, and even from your nutrition. All of us inevitably run into some puffy eyes. Knowing what’s causing the puffiness is important to prevent it but what do you in the moment to handle the situation – well, that’s why we’re writing. As evidenced in the catalogue, there are several products that specifically target puffy eyes and we’re happy to share them. We don’t think they get nearly enough attention in the big catalogue of dermatologist-approved facial products.


Purederm Eye Puffiness mini patches – $5.99


In Purederm eye puffiness patches, you get 4 treatments across a total of eight patches. Using a combination of phyto collagen and Gingko extract, it works to help reduce eye puffiness. It’s dermatologist-tested and fragrance-free. It’s also hypo-allergenic. If you don’t know what product to try, this is your most cost-effective best. A must-have for anyone who is routinely affected by those hard-to-rid puffy eyes.


Mediheal N.M.F. Aquaring gel eye fill patch – $2.69

The Mediheal gel eye fill patch is an eye fill mask that’s suitable to both dry and oily skin around the eyes. The Mediheal eye fill patch utilizes a moisture regulating system to do exactly that – balance and regulate the moisture around the skin. This keeps your eyes looking fresh at every opportunity. Gently softening and peeling the dead skin cells around the eyes, you’ll find ceramide, hyaluronic acid, and adenosine in this patch.


Purederm dark circle reducer – $5.99

Another Purederm product to find itself on our list, the dark circle reducer eye patch comes packing some serious punch. Containing 4 treatments, they work to reduce eye puffiness by applying Gingko extract and phyto collagen. Dermatologist tested and fragrance free, this Purederm product is highly recommended for anyone who needs ongoing treatments.


Jayeon mapping essence mask – $0.89

The Jayeon anti-aging essence mask utilizes red ginseng to reduce wrinkles, purify the skin, and sooth. Applied around the eyes, the active natural ingredients in the anti-aging mask work to brighten your skin through a premium natural rayon sheet.


If you’re finding your eyes are giving you trouble appearance-wise, any of these products give the performance you want in reducing the look of swollen, puffy eyes. Eye puffiness comes and goes, but we can’t always wait for them to go away. Browse these dermatologist-approved products and more from, and get them at the most affordable rate from one of Canada’s favourites.

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