6 Best Hot Water Covers to Snuggle through your Hard Canadian Winter

As fun as Canadian winter is, at some point, all we want to do is stay home and hibernate it all away. For when you’re feeling like that, a hot water bottle can help keep things warm and snuggly. Unlike what you’ll find at your local pharmacy, if you don’t like the way your hot water bottle feels on the skin, you can actually buy a material cover for it. Using a cover, when you snuggle, it’ll feel less like a big rubber bottle, and more like something small and fuzzy. Here are our top 6 best hot water bottle covers!


Soft cover mink plush animals

Receive a randomized soft cover mink plush animal to cover your 1-litre hot water bottle with. Maximize your safety and protect yourself from skin burns, while also keeping things looking wonderfully cute. Snuggle up with the sofa with one of these or stay in bed. Don’t feel so bad about skipping on work or school and keep things toasty.


Dog or cat cover

As one of our most affordable water bottle covers, receive a randomized dog or cat hot water cover. For when you’re cold and tired, snuggling up with a cat or dog cover can be very comforting. And, unlike a real cat or dog, you won’t experience much of a struggle here. Keep yourself warm without any hassle.


Large owl or polar bear plush animals

Another variety of the soft cover mink plush animals, receive a randomized bear or owl plush animal hot water bottle cover. Pretend you’re cuddling with your favourite small animal. Just be careful not to spill any water on it. If you do though, no worries. Just toss it in the washing machine and you’ll have your favourite fuzzy ready to re-use again before long.


Unicorn plush hot water bottle cover

The unicorn plush hot water bottle cover is one of our favourites. If you’ve ever had your water bottle go missing, it’s unlikely to ever go missing wrapped in a unicorn plush toy like this. Say goodbye to the days of throwing the hot water bottle in the back of a cabinet or underneath your sink. As long as it’s adorned in unicorn plush, you’ll want to keep it somewhere easily retrievable.


Two of the other hot water covers that fill out our list include a luxe faux fur classic water bottle cover which makes it feel like you’re a member of the royal family cuddling up with some heat! The other is faux animal skin in plush – think zebra, cow, and similar patterns. Shop these hot water bottle covers and others at Living.ca. Find them all on-sale today.

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