9 Home Storage Tips to help Eliminate Clutter

Even in large homes, finding new and innovative storage solutions can be part of the fun of eliminating clutter and re-designing the way we lead our lives. Unfortunately, bulky, awkward messes dominate some households. There’s nothing worse than having to step around or over a mess. That’s clutter that doesn’t need to exist. Why not adapt some of Living.ca’s basic home storage tips to your home.


4-drawer storage organizers

home drawer storage organization
home drawer storage organization

A multi-drawer storage organizer can be placed naturally in any closet, bedroom, and/or living room. There’s a wide array of different things you can put in this storage and its colors suit appropriately in almost any color scheme.


Jewelry storage box

One of the most common messes in a household and yet, one of the easiest ones to remedy is jewelry. A multi-compartment large capacity multi-layer jewelry box not only will hold all your jewelry but it also makes for one heck of a presentation.


Storage shelving units

If you’re looking for something heavy-duty and sort of boxy, a storage shelving unit would suit a basement, garage, or general room environment. Although your storage shelves give off a bit of a ‘warehouse vibe’, they’re provide a lot of space!


Multi-tier shoe rack

We all own multiple pairs of footwear. Consider taking on a multi-tier shoe rack organizer where multiple pairs can be set and a little more organization can be given around your front door.


Plastic portable wardrobe closet

Imagine a massive IKEA-esque DIY-style portable wardrobe closet. Although it may not be preferred for every home, setting a portable wardrobe closet in a home lacking a sufficient walk-in closet and limited on clothing storage space is a smart move.


Over-the-door storage

The back of our doors are standard open spaces where not a lot is going on. If you’re looking to tidy up a bit, installing some hanging storage pockets over the door is an investment providing space to throw towels, product, paperwork you don’t want to forget, and more.


Over-the-toilet storage rack

Nothing goes over the toilet except art and storage. If you have some blank space there to play with, consider adopting an over-the-toilet multi-tier storage rack. The Living.ca model, as an example, is stainless steel. No matter the model, it’ll help provide a place to put your product, toilet paper, towels, and anything else you deem suitable.


Kids toy organizer

If you have a young child at home, you absolutely would love Living.ca’s 9-piece plastic bin container and organizer. There, you can store everything from Lego building blocks to stuffed animals and plenty else.


Adjustable utility closet portable clothes organizer

If you have a closer that’s a little unorganized, install a utility-based portable clothes organizer from Living.ca. This will give you some new surfaces to play with and a diverse collection of places to put footwear, hanging clothing, folded clothing, jewelry, and other wardrobe accessories.


Browse all these 9 home storage solutions and more from Canada’s own Living.ca. Eliminate clutter in your home and don’t look back!

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