Why to Switch to Commercial LED Lights for your Business

So you want to change to energy-efficient, high-performance commercial LED lights. As LEDs have helped to cut down on commercial electricity costs by 50 percent in some spaces, that’s significant. If you don’t already have LED lights installed in your commercial space, there are a few questions that need answering beforehand.


The advantages of commercial LED lights.

LED lights help in your day-to-day performance but also in increasing your property value. Leverage the implementation of LED lights to your advantage and increase your profits on commercial rentals or related sales. Also, feel good about doing something good for the planet. Prospective tenants or buyers will appreciate the investment and the potential to keep a building’s operating costs low.


What to look for in LED commercial fixtures.

LED products can sometimes be teamed with smart controls like dimming, light harvesting, and utility demand response. Think of what sort of features you want in your LEDs for today and tomorrow.


Why you need commercial LED lights.

If you’ve seen LED lights in application, you know what they can do. They provide great quality lighting, save on costs in the long-term by a significant margin, and are sure to meet your every lighting goal.


Decide where to put your LED lights.

Buildings equipped with illumination may see a change to LEDs as an expensive investment. Nevertheless, LEDs typically can run up to 60,000 hours – which is otherwise 7 years of continued illumination. What you’re going to save on maintenance alone is worth it. Take a look around to see where you hope to place yours. 24/7 exit stairs, hallways, and vast spaces in manufacturing, distribution, parking, hotel, and healthcare facilities are all popular places to put LEDs.


Where to buy your LEDs from.

Seek a commercial LED lights company who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to product performance, warranties, and what your upfront costs will be. By working with a Canadian manufacturer, you receive more support and can probably cultivate a better relationship.


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