Why your Bluetooth Smart Scale can be the Ultimate Motivator to Weight Loss

Stay on track with your weight loss goals this year with your very own Bluetooth smart scale. Accountability is so important when it comes to losing weight and getting in shape. If you’re proving to be successful with your weight loss goals, you should know about it. If you’re not accomplishing what you want weight loss-wise, knowing about it is an opportunity to change.

Living.ca Basic smart scale
Living.ca Basic smart scale

The advantages of a Bluetooth smart scale is that it comes with many important features. Through an app you download on your phone, track how much weight you’ve lost, and how your health and wellness goals are going. If you’ve ever tried to lose weight, you know there are successes alongside failures. Not every day is a winner and if you’re not monitoring your food, it can be tremendously easy to overeat or eat the wrong foods. Nevertheless, even if you don’t have a specific numbered goal, a scale is a necessity to keep you on the right track.


Featuring bio-electrical impedance analysis technology, your Bluetooth scale is tracking up to twelve metrics all at the same time. Unlike what we used to think decades ago, being healthy is not all about getting your weight down. It’s about so much more. For this reason, in addition to weight, a smart scale works to measure your BMI, fat percentage, obesity percentage, muscle percentage, visceral fat percentage, protein, bone mass, BMR, water percentage, LBM, and body age.


These readings serve a huge benefit in analyzing how your overall health is coming along. Now, it’s worth keeping in mind these readings are primarily estimates – which is all you’re going to get from smart technologies like smart watches, Fitbits, and similar products.  They all provide, to varying degrees of accuracy, estimates. Notwithstanding, over time, your Bluetooth smart scale remains a way to analyze overall health and ensure you’re still on track with everything. It’s about more than weighing yourself.


When you’re just getting one number on your scale, it’s one number to fixate on. It doesn’t take into account the muscle you’re building, either. Muscle weighs more than fat and anyone exercising is going to build muscle. That’s going to stabilize or possibly increase weight, while simultaneously reducing their fat content.


In our view, the traditional single-number scale doesn’t work and is an oversimplified way of looking at health. Do your health a favor and invest in a Bluetooth scale from Living.ca! It’s the perfect companion to your weight loss journey and when paired with your app, you’ll find a range of statistics to help you make the call on whether you need to change what you’re doing.

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