How to Host a St. Patrick’s Day Party in Style with Balloons and Party Supplies from

St. Patrick’s Day is the greenest holiday there is and it only comes once a year. How to host the perfect St. Patrick’s Day party begins with building around green. For some added interest, combine together different shades of green. Anything green encourages a St. Patrick’s Day theme, whether it’s on the wall, in the form of balloons, in drinks or in food, or in plants.


Although St. Patrick’s Day is a holiday centered around the patron saint of Ireland, we all know the celebration usually has nothing to do with this. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to throw down some classic Irish food, some Irish music, or to give the holiday something special outside of the usual characteristics and clichés associated with the most Irish day of the year. If you’re having your own holiday party, you may want to look up some of Ireland’s heritage and try to incorporate something unique into your party’s design.


Food is incredibly important to Irish people. Although a lot of bars and restaurants tend to focus on alcohol, there’s only so many customizations you can do with alcohol to make it Irish and preparing it with a connection to the holiday. So instead, digging into traditional Irish food, there’s a lot you can find that people might not be expecting to serve up. You don’t need to go full on traditional with it, either. Sometimes, St. Patrick’s Day sprinkles across some cupcakes or a cake is more than enough to deliver Irish-ness. Prepare your best menu of scrumptious treats, incorporating some green-hued punches throughout.


Theme-wise, beyond using different shades of green, there are other classic Irish symbols you certainly can include. Shamrocks, pots of gold, top hats, rainbows, and leprechauns are all St. Patrick’s Day imagery that’s welcome on this day. You may hope to go more subtle with it though. For example, having a classic buffet of Irish foods, having Irish-related trivia night, or showing a series of Irish movies are all ideas to use. There’s also plenty of Irish icons you can incorporate throughout your night. When it comes to Irish music, there’s Glen Hansard, Hozier, the Pogues, Damien Rice, the Cranberries, U2, Sinead O’Connor, Lisa Hannigan, and so many others.


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