See Affordable St. Patrick’s Day 2019 Decorations for the Ultimate Home Party

A St. Patrick’s Day house party is a big occasion to celebrate some Irishness while adding cheer to every room. You don’t have to be Irish to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, let’s be honest. See’s catalogue of functional, stylish St. Patrick’s Day decorations. Bright green patters, clovers, and happy vibes all around.


To start with your St. Patrick’s Day 2019 decorations the right way, the obvious thing is to focus in on green. Green’s the color of St. Patrick’s Day and, other than Irishness is what you’re going to want to build around. It doesn’t hurt to throw in some different shades of green, particularly as it applies to balloons. Different shapes and different shades can really give the room some brightness.


Tableware is also something you might want to set up. A plastic polka dot green table cover or a green foil banner might be a little too much depending on how large your room is. Smaller items could include shamrock tableware, St. Patrick’s Day napkins, and green shot glasses. Nevertheless, many party planners for the day will incorporate green table covers and similar products throughout the room.


Then, there are wearables like a St. Patrick’s Day princess crown, green leis, green mustaches, St. Patrick’s facial hair, necklaces, bandanas, and more make for a nice welcome. If your party’s really going to be rocking, you may want to lay these out in party bags beforehand and encourage party guests to grab their bag on the way. Whatever they want to wear, they can and whatever they don’t, of course, they don’t have to.


Accessories to the room might also include LED flashing lights, window stickers, St. Patrick’s Day style birthday candles, foil star table confetti, tissue wrapping paper, bows, and St. Patrick’s Day decorative duct tape. Needless to say, there’s a lot of different ways to customize your holiday party. There is no one-size-fits-all, although some of these decorations are certainly standard to what’s expected on March’s most Irish day. How you throw your St. Patrick’s Day party should be unique to you. Combine the usual with the unusual and have fun with it!


St. Patrick’s Day has always been a really happy holiday and it’s one where people are coming to drink. Depending on the audience you’re serving – i.e. family-friendly or adults-only – ensuring you’re fully equipped with some excellent alcohol options is a promising move alongside Irish treats, dishes, and food.


Shop your favourite cheap St. Patrick’s Day 2019 decorations at and begin building the ultimate holiday party for yourself!

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