7 Best Essential Oils trending in 2019 which you can Use with a Diffuser

An aromatherapy essential oils diffuser is the perfect self-care and wellness tool for the home. Calm anxieties, relax, and leave your house smelling absolutely gorgeous. Here are some of this year’s trendiest aromatherapy essential oils.

Electric essential oil diffuser
Electric essential oil diffuser


Chamomile, as a scent, has numerous benefits and has been known to decrease irritability, overthinking, and anxiety. Although it’s still being studied, chamomile has even been shown to have some antidepressant properties potentially.



Vetiver is tranquil, grounding, and balancing. As an essential oil, it’s commonly used to initiate calmness and self-awareness. Vetiver decreases hypersensitivity, and is useful in treating panic attacks and shock.



Frankincense is a recommended essential oil to treat depression and anxiety. Frankincense provides calm and tranquility, and is used is essential oil diffusers to enhance meditation and similar experiences.



Lavender is one of the most common essentials oils to buy for your diffuser. Benefits include restoration to one’s nervous system and help with insomnia, restlessness, irritability, panic attacks, and a reduction in stress and anxiety.


Ylang Ylang

Ylang ylang is a perfect essential oil for your aromatherapy diffuser from Living.ca. Ylang ylang is uplifting, calming, and is associated with feelings of cheerfulness, courage, and optimism. This essential oil is also used sometime as a sedative to help with insomenia.



Rose essential oil has a deep connection to the emotional heart, helping with anxiety and depression related to grief, shock, and negative life events. Rose is another one of the most popular essential oils readily available.



Bergamot is found in Earl Grey tea, is distinctively floral smelling, and has an exquisite aroma. In aromatherapy, bergamot provides energy while reducing agitation. Employed in a diffuser, bergamot can also be used as a treatment for depression and has been shown to reduce corticosterone response to stress in rats.


Essentials oil have been used to centuries, with evidence showing them in the Bible. Chinese, Egyptian, Indian, and southern European cultures have also essential oil therapies. An aromatherapy diffuser is the ideal way to use essential oils in this day and age, and you can purchase yours from Living.ca today. Receive the best price on the highest quality diffuser available. Essential oils are natural and have not been diluted with chemicals or additives of any kind. They’re the perfect way to enhance a day and help calm anxiety. They’re used to provide relief of all types and to heal certain physical or mental conditions. Try your diffuser today from Living.ca!

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