Does Espresso Contain more Caffeine than Drip Coffee – read here!

When you buy an espresso, it’s all in the name of maximizing the caffeine. Drip coffee is sought after for much the same reason. But, which one does it better – well, when prepared correctly, espresso carries with it more caffeine than drip coffee.

There’s a lot that goes into making espresso and so, there are several variables which could be manipulated to reduce the amount of caffeine available. For example, when grinding coffee beans for espresso, they need to be grounded much finer than drip coffee. That’s because espresso makers use high pressure water to shoot straight through the grounds. When this is done, oils are extracted and caffeine comes from that. The more surface area your grounded beans have, the more caffeine you’re going to let out.

Adding water can also affect the caffeine content of espresso and drip coffee. Extracting caffeine is better done with hot water than cold. In espresso machines, you will generally find water to be hotter than what’s in drip coffee. The amount of time applied also has a role. The longer the grounded beans stay in contact, the more caffeine is going to be added. Now, note optimum time to make espresso is 22 seconds whereas a drip coffee brewer can take up to six minutes. This process adds a lot more caffeine to drip coffee than it does an espresso.

All in all, espresso is still slightly more caffeinated than drip coffee. Due to these variables, for argument’s sake, one could still make a cup of drip coffee more caffeinated than espresso. Academic studies looking at which option had the most caffeine, in volume, researchers found the opposite however. In every ounce of espresso, they found up to 50 milligrams of caffeine whereas an ounce of drip coffee held up to 15 milligrams. Although that’s a big difference, consumers tend to drink more drip coffee than they do espresso. Thereby, a cup of drip coffee might contain way more caffeine than espresso.

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