Inexpensive Wines you can Add to your Wine Rack this Spring

There are some absolutely gorgeous tabletop wine racks available for purchase from Celebrating both tabletops and stand-alone wine racks, we are sharing five of the best inexpensive wines in Canada that you’ll absolutely love to partake in. Hang onto a bottle of at least one of these brands to ensure you’re never at a loss for what to reach for. winerack winerack

2017 Santa Julia Pinot Grigio – $13.95

This is one of the best bottles of Pinot Grigio you’ll find in the under-$20 category. Richer than probably anything you’d expect, enjoy mixed citrus that’s shiny and pure with subtle mango flavourings thrown in here and there. This Argentinean blend is a fine cocktail alternative and makes for a suitable pairing with beef dishes.


2017 Joao Portugal Ramos ‘Loios’ Red – $9.30

Produced from the acclaimed Joao Portugal Ramos, this red wine is dry, medium-bodied and complete with all sorts of soft, juicy goodness. In this red, you’ll taste mixed Portuguese berries – something very appealing to those attracted to classic European wines. It also makes for one heck of a meal when paired with some cured ham.


2016 Nederburg ‘The Winemasters’ Cabernet Sauvignon – $13.95

This South African Cabernet Sauvignon gives great bang for your buck. Dry and full-bodied, this is a Cabernet Sauvignon hard to pass on. Enjoy crushed velvet flavors pulling from cassis and cherries, alongside a mix of toasted spices. Although it’s not the most complex wine flavor you’ll have this season, it’s a taste that’s equal to or exceeds anything else at the under-$15 price point.


2017 Open Smooth Red Cabernet Sauvignon – $13.45

For anyone who loves a good Sangria, this is a great alternative. Silky-smooth and light-bodied, this Cabernet Sauvignon bursts with cranberries, strawberries, and sugared rhubarb. Now, the bottle does pack a lot of sugar in it compared with other wine varieties which is worth remembering. That said, for that pure fruit taste, it’s well worth it to throw a bottle of this red on your wine rack storage organizer!


2018 Vina Carmen Alario Sauvignon Blanc – $8.95

This Sauvignon Blanc is well-balanced, well-made, and is one of those glasses that just makes for a good drink. New to Canada, this drink brings together pink grapefruit flavors alongside herbs, lime, and green pepper. Although it’s easy to enjoy on its own, the Vina Carmen Alario is equally excellent when paired with some pesto pasta.

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