Is it Better to Buy Pre-Ground Coffee or to Grind your Own Coffee Beans

Oxygen and coffee do not mix. Oxygen that comes into contact with rich, tantalizing freshly ground beans is taking away its flavor by the second. What we smell when we get a sense of coffee is it oxidizing and disappearing into the air. That flavor – which you’d surely rather be tasting – is instead going off into the air. For these reasons, we trace back to the consumer debate between pre-ground coffee and grinding your own coffee beans. Although pre-ground coffee makes the coffee making process easier, the extra step of grinding your own coffee beans can add a lot of flavor.


Coffee grinder livingbasic
Coffee grinder livingbasic


All it takes is a few minutes of exposure for oxygen to nag away flavor from what could be an amazing cup of coffee. This is why any time you visit a high-end coffee shop, you’re going to find them grinding the beans before brewing you anything. That’s what packs in that extra taste! Coffee professionals also use pour-over techniques to help minimize the exposure of the coffee to oxygen, all in an attempt to hang onto as much taste as is possible. If you are set to grind, we recommend using a machine that’s been designed specifically for grinding coffee beans. Don’t use something that’s made for spices!

A proper electric coffee grinder is going to provide an even grind. Instead of tearing away the beans, you’ll have an evenness that adds to the solubility. This is important as it means more coffee. That’s how you avoid a watery cup of coffee. Although you’ll pay more for an electric coffee grinder, they’re worth the purchase price and work far better than cheaper models. A barrier to buying a coffee grinder is typically a person doesn’t have the time to do it all themselves. Well, it only takes a minute. And, in the end, it yields a better cup of coffee which is going to get your day started on the right foot. All this counts for a lot.

Any time you’re brewing your coffee at home, go for grinding the beans yourself. There’s no reason to invest in anything expensive, either. has plenty of on-sale coffee makers, coffee accessories, and yes, a coffee bean grinder. Set it up in your kitchen and you’ll have it when you need it. Although pre-ground coffee works as an alternative to instant coffee, you’re always going to get the best cup of coffee there is from freshly ground beans. Shop yours today from

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