See the Top Hair Brushing Mistakes you can Make and Learn how to Brush the Right Way!

Did you know there’s a surprisingly long list of hair brushing mistakes you can make – well, there is. Just grabbing a brush isn’t enough to do right by your hair. There’s a technique to use. When brushed improperly, your hair can become damage, can break, or can result in tangles. Done right though, you’ll have none of those issues and your hair will be kept soft and strong for a long time to come.

hair brush
hair brush

Not brushing before you wash.


If your hair’s prone to being tangled in the shower, brushing before you jump in and get wet is recommended. Hair is weakest when it’s wet and so a good brushing beforehand sets you up to walk out of the shower with perfectly untangled hair, clean and ready as new.


Using the wrong hairbrush.


Yes, there is a ‘wrong kind of brush’. Brushing your hair shouldn’t be rough or painful. As a rule, round metal brushes add volume. Hair that is coarse or curly will need a tough or bristle brush complete with enough tension to pull through the hair. Avoid brushes with balls at the end of bristles as it could result in hair getting ripped out.


Using the same brush wet or dry.


Wet hair should generally not be combed but if/when you do comb long hair, flexible bristles are needed. Wet hair’s always going to be prone to breakage. Knowing this, when detangling wet hair, be very careful.


Brushing in the wrong direction.


Brushing from top to bottom causes knot and creates breakage or damage. If you’re focused on untangling, use your hair brush start a few inches from the bottom and work your way up. This way, you’re not pulling on anything. Going down the length of the hair in one swipe, you could snag your brush on a tangle and snap hair off in an instant.


Not sticking to a regular brushing schedule.


If you’re not brushing your hair a few times a day, you may not be seeing full benefit. By doing some gentle strokes two or three times a day, it helps to condition strands and evenly distribute your hair’s natural oils.


Brushing too much.


Three or four strokes through your hair is enough to get rid of knots, fix your style, and get those natural oils coming through. The more your brush beyond this, the more likely you are to create damage.


Just brushing the ends.


Your scalp’s natural oils are the best conditioner you’ll ever have for your hair. Brushing the ends does nothing for your hair and is more or less a waste of time.


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