What are the Best Nail Colors to use for Spring 2019

Spring 2019 is almost here and with that, a lot of women are going to be heading out for manicures and pedicures celebrating the warmer weather.


If you don’t know where to start in capturing those amazing spring feels, instead of reaching for classic black, here are some of the best nail colors you can use.


Soft pink


Plucked from the Instagram pages of on-trend celebrities, soft pink is a great color to blend from spring to summer. They look amazing across most skin tones, work wonders at bringing out your natural glow, and are welcome additions to anyone’s nail polish collection.


Crisp white


A crisp white nail polish suggests a hint of winter while giving you something new, creamy, and muted to partake in for the spring months. You can go with something brighter and akin to a borderline neon white, if you’re not invested in a more muted presentation.


Red-orange polish


A red-orange polish remains as one of the top salon picks for spring nail colors, this year just like last’s. All across the world, women are getting ready for those spring vacations with a color that balances somewhere between the perfect orange and the perfect red.


Silver glitters


Silver glitters are on-trend and look festive for anyone who has a big spring planned. Keep in mind sparkles are always very eye-catching and so this isn’t for someone looking to not be noticed. It’s a fine color to keep in your nail polish organizer and storage display rack. Bold, sparkly, and fun, you’ll be glad you went with a glitter manicure you show-off!


Classic blush-toned


It never hurts to go a little neutral to keep things toned-down for spring. A classic blush-toned neutral look is recommended for both hands and feet to give that clean, chic look that won’t disappoint.


Milky beige


Among the top nail colors for a neutral spring look, a milky beige suits more outfits than perhaps any of the other options on this list. It’s almost a guarantee to suit anything you want to hear in your spring dress collection and even better, any chips are hardly noticeable.


Hot pink


Hot pink is a color not everyone will necessarily go for but it’s a classic 1980s-inspired spring look which continues to work well March through June. Pulling it off on a more adult contemporary outfit can be difficult however it’s a fun color worth it for anyone looking to take spring in a more fun direction.


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