7 Perfect Wedding Gifts from Living.ca for under $50 that are Trending in 2019

Wedding gifts for under $50 are available in droves from Living.ca. Now that spring has sprung, weddings are the norm this time of year especially with the weather improving so much April through to the early summer months. If you’re searching for the perfect wedding gift, here are seven products that aren’t going to hurt your wallet.

Stackable planters or garden pots

Is the couple you’re buying for moving into a new home or have a passion for gardening – if so, there are several stackable planters, stackable pots, and even small mini-greenhouses all available ranging from $19.99 and above.

living.ca garden accessories

7-tier shoe rack for 36 pairs

If you’re buying for someone who loves shoes or who has a large collection, SortWise has an amazing 7-tier rack that can help keep things organized. This is a nice wedding gift, for both its practicality and for having a little bit of humour to it.

4-slice toaster

It’s a classic wedding gift and a necessary element to so many people’s kitchens. If they don’t already own a toaster oven and/or are moving into a new home, a 4-slice toaster for $36.99 can be thoughtful coming from the right person.

Multi-tier wine rack

If they’re a couple who loves a great bottle of wine, purchasing them a wine rack in wood is a great way to express an interest and to encourage them to start their own collection. The great thing about the wine racks from Living.ca is that they are stackable as well, meaning one can continue to purchase more wooden rows as they collect ore bottles.

Single-serve coffee maker

An easy purchase for couples addicted to their morning brew. Capable of making coffee from ground or capsules, the slim design of Living.ca’s 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker means it can easily be installed anywhere in the kitchen.

Essential oil diffuser

If you are buying for a couple who does not already have an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser, this can be a very thoughtful gift and is perfect for pregnant women who need a little bit more relaxation.

Bluetooth smart scale

You need to be careful with this one as it could understandable give the wrong impression. Couples really into fitness and wellness will appreciate a Bluetooth smart scale if they don’t already have one. It links up to a smartphone app and reads out not only your weight but gives estimates on things like body age, muscle percentage, BMR, bone density, and more.

Find these wedding gifts for 2019 at Living.ca and browse more home gifts. We’ve got all sorts of small home appliances, home improvement products, and trendy organizers all at low prices. Shop with us today.

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