The Dos and Don’ts of How to Use Artificial Flowers

As spring arrives, artificial flowers are a fun way to add some sparkle and breathe some life into almost any room in the home. Peonies, orchids, Cinderella roses, succulents, and lilies are just some of the flowers we chase after looking to accomplish this. Dingy, dusty, old artificial flowers are not recommended. Don’t go with your grandmother’s artificial flower. No, add some color and interest with a selection of artificial colors chosen by you.

artificial flower
artificial flower

There are many advantages to choosing artificial flowers, including that they last longer than their natural counterparts, have longer lasting color, involve low maintenance, and have infinite longevity. Use them spring after spring, with no fear of them wilting. Before you go buying your favourite looking artificial flowers though, you may want to read through some quick dos and don’ts.




  • If you have a part-time home, a vacation home, or residence, this is a great place to put artificial flowers.
  • Always look for quality. High quality artificial florals are going to carry a more natural, realistic look than dollar store-level flowers.
  • Use smaller arrangements of artificial flowers rather than larger presentations. The more assembled together, the more likely they are to look unnatural. Bedroom nightstands and coffee tables are excellent locations for gatherings of artificial flowers.
  • Artificial flowers are commonly used to add color to a space. Reds, pinks, and greens are amazing spring and summer choices that can really cause a space to pop.
  • Do keep an eye on any dogs or cats you may have. Artificial flowers can pose a threat to pets who may want to eat them or play with them.




  • Be careful to not place your artificial flowers near any heat source such as electric space heaters or candles as they are prone to melting.
  • Do not use white flowers. They are a staple of interior designs and used to create neutral spaces. White artificial flowers can come with giving a home a very ‘fake’ look.
  • Do not use artificial trees as they can end up looking unrealistic in application. Any greenery like this used is best the real thing.
  • Don’t use too many artificial flowers. You may be tempted to use many artificial flowers in the same room however this is very much a case of ‘less is more’. Artificial flowers are more powerful when they are used sparingly.


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