Trends in Kitchen Faucets and Kitchen Design for when you Need to Replace Yours

Are you ready to replace your kitchen faucet – you’re not alone. Thousands of Canadian households are going to install new kitchen faucets and renovate their kitchen design this year. As it pertain to kitchen faucets, the biggest trend going right now is big, tall faucets. That said, those aren’t perfect for every home. For a closer look into trends in kitchen faucets and kitchen design, here’s an honest look into what the industry’s going through right now.


The average high quality kitchen faucet is likely to cost around $250 or more and repairs on contemporary faucets can range from $150 to $250 depending on the contractor. If you’re looking for a faucet that’s high quality from a branded manufacturer, your costs could easily increase to $900 to $1,100 or more. For these reasons, cost-wise, we recommend buying kitchen faucets that are not branded and that are closer to the $250-range.

The more costly kitchen faucets are called ‘touch faucets’, which are very popular. Using touch technology, these are high-tech smart home devices. That said, the expense for them is sizeable. The next costly kitchen faucet will be your big, tall faucets akin to what you used to find in restaurants and similarly food-friendly industrial settings. Any faucets that operate automatically without a manual way to turn on use a battery which will eventually wear out. Once it does, a replacement needs to be ordered which can complicate things. Therefore, many homeowners seeking to renovate or install a kitchen faucet on budget generally go for smaller models or models that come equipped with a manual way to use them.

Kitchen sinks are also changing, which is having an effect on kitchen faucets. Some install a double sink with two bowls. Then, other homeowners may install an extremely large skin as an alternative to two bowls. These are commonly installed as under-mounts, which is when a lip of the skin is mounted underneath the countertop so that the lips is beneath the counter instead of on top. This is done because under-mounted sinks are easier to clean and are believed to be more attractive. Whether it’s over-mounted or under-mounted though, it generally will have no effect on what faucet you can or cannot use with the style.

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