Why you Want to use a Kitchen Scale

Digital kitchen scales are used by professional cooks and bakers every day. If you’re a serious Canadian baker or cook, a kitchen scale can greatly simplify and improve upon the recipes you’re using.

Kitchen Scale from Livingbasic
Kitchen Scale from Livingbasic

Let’s say you’re making a batter to dip a piece of chicken in prior to putting it in the deep fryer. Let’s say you’re making a salad dressing and you need to get your ingredient measurements correct. Or, alternatively, let’s say you’re baking one of the most complex recipes you’ve tackled yet. For all these scenarios, you want a kitchen scale to be able to tell you correctly the amount of ingredient used. Using a kitchen scale, you won’t have to worry about unevenly baked meatballs or cookies. You won’t have to worry about pancakes or cakes turning out right. You’ll easily get your recipes right every single time. A kitchen scale is as close to a guarantee as you can get.


Many cooks and bakers will tell you a kitchen scale is more accurate than a measurement tool like cups. It can seem intimidating having to switch recipes from size to grams however weight’s more accurate than cups, especially when it comes to baking. In some cases, ingredients like flours can vary wildly in weight when put into a cup. That sort of thing can decide how a loaf of bread turn out. Comparatively, using a kitchen scale instead of cups will also help keep your kitchen much tidier. Between your teaspoons, tablespoons, measuring cups, liquid glass vessels, and bowls of all shapes and sizes, you won’t have all those dishes that need cleaning. So in a sense, there’s more precision, and less work to do during and after your cooking – it doesn’t get better than that.


The last thing we want to mention about why to use a kitchen scale is that it’s going to keep you healthier. If you need to measure food for personal health reasons, “eyeballing” it is not an accurate way to measure anything. If you’re looking to gain or lose weight for athletic reasons, alternatively, you need to know precisely how much protein, fat, sugar, and salt you’re packing in. A professional kitchen scale will make measuring chicken or salmon easy, and can help in assembling salads. All in all, you’ll have much better oversight about what’s going into your body than you ever will working with other measurement tools and/or using your eyeballs to estimate it.


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