6 Tips on How to Throw a Party with no Stress using Party Tableware from Living.ca

It’s all too common to get overwhelmed by party planning and clean-up. All the stress surrounding a party can too oftentimes weigh us down and prevent us from wanting to do it again. For planning, execution, and a relaxing clean-up, here are a few ways to spend less time and less effort in the build-up to your big shindig.

Premium party tableware

Living.ca makes its name off of making party planning that much easier. We have premium disposable party tableware designs that look great and which will minimize clean-up. They won’t look out of place next to your bowls, dishes, and linens, and won’t appear mismatched to your theme.

Paperless invites

Although paper has a charm, go digital with your invitations either via email or possibly through Facebook. Paperless keeps things neat and tidy, and as people RSVP, you can have an automated list of all attendees right there for you to peruse. If you don’t choose to go the Facebook route, there are plenty of websites with luxe party invitation templates to browse.

Center a party around food

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party idea which can help cut down on the stress for you is to invite your guests over early to help you cook the recipe of what you will eat. This isn’t right for everyone however for some, it’ll be a fun way to connect and have fun.

Cook what you know

If you decide not to invite people over ahead of time to participate in cooking the meal, don’t cook big meals you haven’t done before. Cooking what you know, you can limit the exposure towards unexpected food developments and it’ll be one less thing you have to worry about.


Florals are easy to arrange, last longer than flowers, and are visually stunning. The perfect floral arrangement doesn’t have to cost a ton. Including berries, branches, cedar, grass, or textured greens works well as well. They make a great party centerpiece and will help to spruce up the place, without distracting.

Easy clean-up

Plan ahead of time as it relates to clean-up. Get empty bins set up around the house, allowing guests to toss out their own food and drink garbage. Especially if it’s a larger house party with people drinking, you don’t want to end up with a counter full of beer bottles. Instead, set up an easy way to dispose of one’s bottles, cans, and other garbage they might be holding.

These are just a few of the thoughtful ways to throw a premium luxe party with no stress. Shop Living.ca for premium party tableware, party accessories, and a wide range of different decorative products which may help you in your desire to throw the ultimate party!

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