Create Amazing Espresso with your Espresso Machine just like a Barista

Just like a lot of people, we’re jealous of the best baristas! They have all the inside knowledge on how to make the best coffee-based beverages – espresso being one of them.

Espresso’s used in many different drinks and if you know how to master it from home, that really opens up a lot of what you can do with coffee and coffee-related beverages. You may not even need to spend more money on Starbucks.

The general guidelines on how to make great espresso is to do three things. The first is to set your extraction time at 25 seconds and not a millisecond later. Secondly, it’s recommended to use 8-10 grams of coffee per espresso shot. Lastly, a single shot should yield between 25 and 35 ml.

Although these are very general guidelines, there are some modifications advanced espresso makers can choose to make. For example, for ‘doppio’, 18-22 grams of coffee grounds can be taken to increase the serving volume to 60 ml maximum. For ‘ristretto’, the same volume used for a single shot is applied however serving size is reduced to 18 ml. For ‘lungo’, the volume is maintained at 8-10 grams however the serving size is measured at 60 ml. These elements can be played with.

If you want to get great at creating amazing espresso, you need freshly roasted coffee beans, a high quality coffee grinder, and an espresso machine. Although you can technically make espresso without a machine, an espresso machine is going to provide a more consistent taste in addition to being an easier process. Only a coffee brewer like this will provide the pressure you need to make espresso.

There are two types of espresso makers – steam-driven and pump-driven. Steam-driven espresso makers use steam pressure generated in a boiler to force water through coffee beans however unfortunately they are generally low in quality. Pump-driven espresso machines are more common, higher quality, provide the desired pressure, and have the needed water temperature for proper extraction.

When selecting your coffee beans, this is the other aspect of an amazing espresso which can go unnoticed. Select coffee beans which have been roasted ideally no more than 1-2 weeks prior, grind them and brew it immediately, and use a fine grind on your electric grinder when possible.

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