4 Fun Ideas you can Use Easter Weekend to Share with the Family

There are loads of ideas out there to keep Easter fun, family-friendly, and exciting for one and all. Whether it’s an Easter egg hunt or for a Sunday brunch, there’s something for all age groups out there to enjoy. Here are a few of the more fun ideas.

Easter desserts.

A fun way to connect with roommates, or to connect with friends or family, is to invite them to help in crafting the perfect Easter dessert. Whether it’s to bake individual desserts to be customized for each person or a dessert like a cake which can be consumed by a group, this can be a fun experience you share with your family.

Making Easter eggs.

A classic Easter craft, there’s nothing more fun than making Easter eggs. Grab some family and buckle down with a carton of eggs. Add some water to a pot and place your eggs in to bring them to a boil, and then let sit for twelve minutes or so. After your eggs have dried, you can use everything from paint, dye, and marker to draw them up the way you want them. While this is happening, you may want to come up with a way to present them.

Doing some travelling.

Assuming the weather’s nice, maybe you want to take your loved one, a friend, or one of your children out for a hike. Take a look at what’s within two hours driving distance from your home. You might find a wide variety of different activities. It doesn’t necessarily need to be hiking. You might want to go to a sports game, a concert, go to the park, or something unexpected. April’s always a fun time of year when the weather hasn’t completely turned to summer yet and when there’s still a winter chill in the air.

Easter games.

Consider any of the many Easter games out there. There’s egg-and-spoon race championships, egg catch if you’ve got two hands and a ball glove to toss it back and forth, or an egg race where you push an egg along by the nose across the table until it passes a finish line.

Easter weekend should be a fun opportunity to connect with those close to you. Invite some people over and enjoy the occasion. For more party ideas and accessories to incorporate into your Easter weekend, visit Living.ca. We’ve got party tableware, party planning accessories, and amazing gifts that would work well in any kitchen, home, or elsewhere. Shop Living.ca today.

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