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Selling dozens of storage organizers and home storage products, Living.ca knows a thing or two about keeping a space tidy. Using a variety of the products in Living.ca’s catalogue, you can keep every room in the home organized, from the kitchen to the living room, bathroom, entranceway, dining room, and elsewhere.

Edit Yourself

One piece of advice we want to give to anyone having it tough keeping the house clean is to take an honest look and get rid of anything you’re not regularly using.

Shoe Organizer

A common area of the household that’s going to get busy is the front door and entranceway. Giving yourself a large shoe rack and organizer provides a place to put your shoes, for guests to put their shoes, and most importantly, keeps the entranceway free of things to trip over.

SortWise® 3-Tier Bamboo Shoe Rack

Creating Functional Systems

Home storage is not just about organization, it’s about functional systems. Ideally, these systems are stylish and customized to your needs. Browsing your favourite home organizers, you’ll find they’re not just using fanciful products but they’re creating systems they can go back to again and again. That’s because in the home, things get messy in areas that are used frequently. Therefore, replace the mess not by being any less busy but instead, by having some place to put what’s creating the untidiness. It’s systems you want to focus on.

SortWise® 4-Tier Multifunctional Storage Rack

Use a Jewelry Organizer

If you have a lot of watches, necklaces, rings, or similar things occupying your dresser drawer, consider getting a jewelry organizer. They can make for absolutely beautiful displays, in addition to being an easy way to keep your things organized.

Faux Leather Jewelry & Watch Case, Velvet Lined

Storage Containers

Let’s say, you have kids. They’re going to want to play with toys and surely, you have toys lying around. You need a place to put those toys and that’s usually going to come in the form of a container set of some kind. Containers in appropriate places are a huge element of home organization. It’s the same thing we do when we organize our spices in the kitchen, our dirty laundry in the bedroom, our plants, and more. Get yourself an appropriate set of containers for anywhere that’s creating a mess.

SortWise® Jute Organizing Baskets, Pack of 3

Dirty Laundry

Although so many of us do it, there’s no excuse to leaving dirty laundry on the floor. Do yourself a favor and purchase a laundry storage organizer to give you a place to toss your dirty socks.

SortWise® Foldable 3-Section Laundry Sorter, Capacity 130L

These are just a few of the tips, tricks, and basics of home storage and home organization we want you to keep in mind when shopping with Living.ca. Enjoy the highest quality home storage products in Canada. Shop with us today.

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