See Early Prime Day Sales in Canada under Household Cleaning Supplies

It goes without saying but household cleaning supplies aren’t often thought of on heavy promotion days like Amazon Prime Day where corporations are looking to flex their muscles.

Competition’s heavy and a lot of focus is on tech-driven products but household supplies are equally important. For Canadian families, any savings are welcome on things like disinfectant wipes, bathroom tissue, and garbage bags. Here’s where you can find them. is a Canadian-based eCommerce brand. Think of us like a sort of Canadianized, more family-friendly eCommerce brand focusing on household supplies and household help. 100s of products are going to be on discount. Unlike a lot of companies, we’re not looking to spotlight products. We’re simply looking to get your family the best Prime Day deals in Canada on what you need most and what we think could be most helpful.

See discounts up to 75% off on select products, mainly under household supplies and snacks. This family-friendly sale is for two days only, on July 15 and July 16. We’re trying a few different discounts, any of which could be most attractive to your household so hear us out. The first day, July 15, we’re providing free shipping site-wide on ALL products or you can forego the ‘free shipping’ coupon and instead opt in to 15% off all orders.

Just a few of the everyday household products you’ll find discounted this July for Prime Day includes Charmin bathroom tissue, Lysol disinfecting wipes in citrus scent, Scotties facial tissue, Glad kitchen garbage bags small 25-litre, and Tide Pods liquid laundry detergent.

This July, are looking forward to bringing these types of deals to Canadian households in a way you won’t see at Amazon or elsewhere. We’re not looking for any sort of subscription. Our connection to our clientele speaks for itself. For Canadian households in need of a little help, Amazon Prime Day’s getting flipped on its’ head with Drop in!

Looking for some midnight snacks? Want to pick up something to drop into your kids’ lunches? Pick up a few snacks on Prime Day discount. See Prana Extaze cashew sea salts in 150 grams, a 12-pack of mini Oreos, some KIND almond sea salt dark chocolate bars, classic Pringles potato chips, or M&Ms in a pack of 4.

See other special deals and products on discount from for Prime Day 2019. This Prime Day and this summer’s going to be our biggest yet. Canadians everywhere are invited to take advantage of deals from we couldn’t sweeten any more if we tried!

Featured Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

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