Shop Summer Travel Essentials and Accessories on Prime Day Sale in Canada

Just a few weeks before August sets in, a lot of Canadians are gearing up for planned road trips, camping trips, international travel abroad, and some summer travel in the backwoods of the country. If you’re heading out on an excursion far away from home this summer, there’s a few necessities and some accessories you may want to take with you. is throwing one of Canada’s biggest Prime Day 2019 sales with more than 100 products discounted up to 75% off. Among them you will find summer travel essentials you can make use of whether you’re in the country or in a hotel room overseas. Check back on Prime Day (July 15) for a full list of everything and see the reveal of the summertime! The two-day event begins Monday, July 15 and extends into the late hours of Tuesday, July 16.

Digital luggage scale

Digital luggage scales can cost a lot of money, upwards of $30 or more easy from stores like Walmart. Instead, on Prime Day, receive a simply designed portable digital luggage scale with a capacity to calculate up to 110 lbs or 50 kg. Straightforward, you’ll know precisely what weight you’re dealing with and if you need to make any changes.

USB portable humidifier

Easy to carry, this USB portable humidifier can be easily tossed into a bag to help with mineral water bottles or needs in the office, hotel, car, or anywhere with a connection port. There’s no sound when it’s working and all it needs is a bottle of mineral water to help carry moisture throughout an otherwise dry environment.

Digital electronics travel bag

Traveling from home to a hotel, you’re bound to throw in your electronics in with your clothes, bathroom necessities, and everything else. It makes more sense though to have your own separate digital devices and electronics travel bag, where you can protect USB drives, chargers, cables, cords, adapters, or anything else you’re bringing.

Travel toiletry bag

Lastly, this is a great Prime Day deal we didn’t want to forget to mention. Travel toiletry bag, waterproof and with a hanging clip to set it up on the back of a bathroom door or on any hook. Whether you’re going camping on a designated camping site with showers, or are on a vacation or business trip, it’s much more convenient to have a single bag for all your toiletries. For men and women, enjoy over a half-dozen pockets to keep your bathroom products separated.

The stretch of time between midnight Monday and midnight Wednesday is going to be a busy one for Canada’s Monday, enjoy fast, free shipping to anywhere in Canada or a discount code of 15% off your purchases. Drop in Monday to see everything that’s on sale.

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