Shop for Canada’s Best Coffee Maker this July and Get it on Prime Day Sale

Where can you find Canada’s best coffee maker – well, the answer may surprise you. It’s not Amazon, Walmart, or elsewhere. And, surprisingly, it’s not priced more than $30. Imagine a coffee maker that was portable so that it could be easily brought with you to the office, if need be. Alternatively, it’s also not small to the extent where taste and performance are compromised. That’s what you get with the LIVINGbasics2-in 1 coffee maker model. As Prime Day 2019 continues on July 16, here’s your chance to get yours.

Add this to your countertop!

Enjoy brewed coffee, ground, or capsule. The slim design, less than 5.5” wide, means you can install it almost anywhere in the kitchen, perfect for smaller kitchens, condo kitchens, and small apartments. The 2-in-1 single serve coffee maker from has long been a consumer favourite, earning acclaim from customers in every province. The 3-cup reservoir means you can fill it and leave it until it runs out, making three cups of coffee at the push of a button. The parts are all stainless steel and removable, dishwasher-safe, and are needless to say very easy to clean.

Simple & fast

Prime Day’s not really a day where we focus heavily on the kitchen. Instead most will like computers, tech, and gadgets, and deals on those. For the kitchen though, a lot’s forgotten unfortunately. has got so many small kitchen appliances like this single serve coffee maker that are sure to light up the smartphone this Prime Day. Multi-use programmable pressure cooker, electric kettles, portable digital induction countertop burner, a stainless steel deep fryer, extra large digital countertop convection ovens, a blender and smoothies mixer, and more.

Going back to Canada’s Prime Day coffee maker, there’s no shortage of hot beverages to be made with it. Go with a Starbucks French Roast dark, a Tim Hortons classic coffee, a tea, a Nespresso coffee, a hot chocolate or more. In minutes, you can have your coffee ready to serve. No longer do you need to go to Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or Second Cup. You can have all these flavours at home without hesitation. All you really need to do, come morning, is the push of a button. has deals like these readily available all July long. By stopping in on Prime Day though, the discounts are even sweeter.

Even you are not a coffee lover 🙂

On July 16, receive $10 off any purchase of $69 or more from See up to 75% off select products, including household supplies and snacks. Buy in bulk this July and save!

Featured Photo by Lood Goosen from Pexels

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