Everything You Need to Know About Prime Day 2019 in Canada- Day 2

Prime Day kicks off July 15 and this year is a two-day event you don’t want to miss. Originally designed by Amazon as a way to increase sales in a traditional lull sales period every year, it’s grown to be so much more.

This year, more than 250 brands in North America are participating in Prime Day which puts Amazon as simply one of many despite being the creator of this July sales event. On a variety of products and items, products will be slashed by anywhere from 10% to 75% off including in Canada’s own Living.ca store.

There’s a unique mix of Prime Day deals touching down upon almost every category. Living.ca has art supplies like art easels and drawing stands for painting and sketching, portable easels, beech wood artist drawer easel box and book stands to browse. There’s a variety of face masks, facial care health and beauty products, and makeup applicators. There are over a dozen impressively designed jewelry boxes. There’s also a mix of family-friendly and home products, ranging from pool floats to faux potted mini succulents.

Shopping Prime Day with Amazon, to participate, you need to have a membership in the Prime program. Thankfully, you don’t need anything of the sort with Living.ca. This is only the 5th year Prime Day has been offered yet the whole membership thing is not something Amazon has expressed any interest in changing. If you don’t want to have to pay for a membership just to access sales, check out sites like Living.ca. Today you can still benefit with a ‘$10 off’ coupon on all purchases $69 and above.

Prime Day’s grown to mean so much to eCommerce in July. In fact, it’s become comparable to Black Friday or Cyber Monday. Last year, so many people visited Amazon they actually experienced a temporary site outage. This time around, don’t go through that hassle. Shop Canadian with Living.ca.

Find household supplies like Cascades Fluff bathroom tissue, Method all-purpose cleaner, or Glad kitchen garbage bag. Pick up some snacks like cashew sea salt bags, KIND bars, Pringles potato chips, or M&Ms. Grab some household products to spruce up your place, like Rayonled LED lightbulb strings for the garden. Or, if you want to go all health and beauty with it, show some Dr. Jart+ vital hydra solution deep hydration face masks, Zoe Ayla jade facial rollers, Maybelline waterproof mascara, or Aveeno body lotion.

Live the Prime Day you want to live. Feel encouraged to drop in on Living.ca Tuesday. We know you’ll still be surprised by the deals you find!

Featured Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

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