Do You Have These 5 Camping and BBQ Accessories to Make Your August Fun So Much Easier?

Camping lovers exist Canada-wide. From backyard tent sleepers to setting up camp in a provincial park, to pulling out the RV for a cross-country road trip, BBQing on a camping trip delivers quality, tasty, juicy foods you can only get from the grill.

Though we’re sure, if you’re an avid BBQ camping expert, you already have a few handy, compact accessories that make your job easier, do you have any of the items found on our list?’s lifestyle brand is clearing out inventory and with that, these products are on major feature this August.

Outdoor coffee and tea set

Suitable for eating and cooking coffee and tea outdoors, this amazing set is easy to clean and highly corrosive resistance. Inside this premium made-for-camping outdoor coffee and tea set, you’ll find a 1.3 litre kettle, a V-stand for filter, 3 cups, a mini table, and a pot and lid.

Outdoor camping hammock

Manufactured from cotton, the outdoor camping hammock provides a soft canvas to enjoy under a swing bed with spreader bar support. No matter how you’re lying or sitting, you’ll be supported through and through. If you’re out in the woods or have two trees close enough to make something out of, this comfortable outdoor hammock is breathable, durable, and compact.

Foaming travel hand wipes

20-piece foaming travel hand wipes are perfect for camping and BBQing if you’re handling charcoal, wood, and other dirty bits from around your site. Just take one and add some water. Your hands can be easily lathered, washed, and dried in a minute or less. Eco-friendly, they’re made entirely from soap and come in a small box you can throw into your pocket for use anywhere.

BBQ food umbrella

As you’re turning out those juicy BBQ foods, no one wants flies, bees, or hornets coming around getting germs and bacteria all over. Use a BBQ food umbrella to cover everything – burgers, chicken, steaks, veggies, corn on the cob, watermelon, pineapple, fruit salads and more.

BBQ heat resistant oven grill mat

If you want to cook something on the grill but not on the grill – for example, something vegetarian you don’t want absorbing anything from meat that’s been on – here’s a BBQ heat resistant grill mat. Fully reusable, you just place these on the grill grates and cook from it just like you would if you were cooking direct on the grates. Works with any kind of grill and is very easy to clean.

Even an expert-level, highly experienced BBQ master could use at least one or two of these summer 2019 deals. Shop them and more from

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