Where to Buy Faux Potted Mini Succulents to Spruce Up a Summer Space

High quality artificial succulents that are lifelike and dynamic can add a lot to almost any space without the commitment of having to water and tend to it like you would a real succulent. See the realism with no maintenance required!

The primary concept behind faux potted mini succulents are to provide you with something decorative and consistent. With a living and breathing plant, frankly, there isn’t a guarantee it’ll continue to resemble what you want from it in appearance indefinitely. So comparatively, you know what you’re getting. What you see in the photo is exactly what it’s going to look like for always.

An artificial succulent is also a great way to add some colorful, garden-esque flair to a home office, bookshelf, bedroom, or at the window edge. They’re small enough to be place almost anywhere and because they don’t require ongoing maintenance, you can count on them to continue providing that same aesthetic. In a home without or where you have real, live indoor plants already set up, a few faux succulents aren’t a bad thing.

A big attractant to what some people call fake succulents is that there’s no mess involved. No watering, no pruning, no browning. The entire plant is made from plastic, which not only does it mean it’s easy to care for but if you have any indoor pets like cats where you’re worried about how safe a given plant is, you don’t need to worry in this case.

Beyond all this, as if this wasn’t to consider faux mini succulents for your home this summer, they resemble live plants. There’s virtually no difference between a faux succulent or real succulent appearance-wise. If you’ve seen decorative plastic artificial plants before, you may note how plastic they actually look. This isn’t really the case with these mini succulents. They’re stylish, vintage, and all the way plant-like. For eclectic or contemporary home décor, they can make add a lot.

Now the big question a lot of people have is, where to buy faux potted succulents in Canada. Living.ca is currently having a big summer sale on potted succulents which is well worth giving a look. If you’ve been looking to save money on succulents, now’s your chance. Choose from several different designs.

For plant lovers and gardeners, each day that passes makes it later in the season. It’s almost become too late to plant anything more outside, in, or around your home. If you’re still craving more plants and green, try a faux succulent from Living.ca.

Featured Photo by Scott Webb from Pexels

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