An Automatic Soap Dispenser is So Important to Health and Safety

Did you know it’s recommended to wash your hands once every 4 hours – it’s true. In fact, there are millions of people worldwide who get sick from infections and bacteria transferred primarily because some person didn’t wash their hands.

There’s more dangerous bacteria on our hands than there are on public city benches and escalators. There are many reasons why Canadians should prioritize hand-washing, these just being the start. Unfortunately, do you want to know the truth? Survey people and they’ll tell you the reason hands don’t get washed as often as experts recommend is because it takes time. We’re all busy. No one wants to be bent over a sink for 30 seconds every 4 hours when we got places to be, responsibilities to fulfill, and only so much time in a day.

An automatic soap dispenser might not seem like a very home-friendly purchase. After all, we generally see these touchless soap dispensers in public bathrooms or on the wall in a corporate office. In a home though, they’re underrated and could actually serve more of a purpose than one thinks. If the main thing keeping you from washing your hands is time, here’s a way to wash within seconds. It’s completely touchless so you don’t have to contact anything. It’s entirely through a sensor. By tapping into this soap dispenser regularly, you prevent cross-infection, will likely feel better, and if you’re living with others, you’re protecting everybody’s health in general.

There’s a lot of different features to pull from on this automatic soap dispenser that’s perfect for households. All you need to do is fill it up which means there’s no ugly soap residue on your bathroom counter. No suds whatsoever or gunk sticking to your sink. You’re in and out if you’re needing a clean pair of hands. This makes tough jobs like renos and any fixing around the house easy in terms of staying clean. You’ve got a long-lasting battery and also, it works with virtually any soap. It’s not anything special but it works! As if all this wasn’t enough, here’s a few other reasons why you may choose a soap dispenser for the home.

  • Ingesting bad bacteria from the hands is the #1 cause of diarrhea.
  • Bacteria survives on the hands for several hours, until you use a sanitizer to wipe them.
  • Without ever touching it, fecal matter can get on the hands via toilets and other surfaces, without us ever seeing it.

Stop by before the summer’s up and get your hands sudsy under your new automatic dispenser. Don’t let that bad bacteria come anywhere close to your eyes, nose, or mouth. Seconds is all it takes and then, your hands are as clean as a whistle!

Featured Photo by Burst from Pexels

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