Soft and Fluffy Home Items to Give Your Space Warmth, Comfort, and Even a Little Romance

The comforts of fluffiness take on a whole new meaning after a rough day at work, a bout of anxiety, or just a tough day all-around. Soft, uber-fluffy décor in the home can make it feel like you’re living on a pillow. With the world being what it is, a little comfort can go a long ways. Coming home to fluffiness? Ain’t nothing wrong with that. Here are a few of our softest, fluffiest products Canadians have come to know and love.

Big head bear soft cushion

A very cute soft, fluffy accessory for a baby’s room, a child’s room, or just some place playful. Across any home, it doesn’t hurt to have a soft, lightweight pillow made from high quality soft plush. Your cartoon big head bear pillow is cute, cuddly, and ready to be loved. It’s just waiting to be picked up!

Luxury decorative fluffy rug

For the bedroom, an acrylic wool mat is an excellent home décor piece to get some fluffy between your toes and underneath your feet. During cold winter weather, you’ll be happy to have it. Sized 60×90 cm, this luxury soft, fluffy rug protects floor from damage, has no smell and doesn’t shed, is fade resistant, and can double as a general area rug or even a seat cushion. Needless to say, this is a very basic yet easy to appreciate fluffy home item to start with.

3-legged fluffy faux fur stool

A perfect sized pink fluffy stool that sets well in any room can help add some extra soft aesthetic in the home. If pink’s not your deal, blue is also an option and there’s also plain white which additionally makes it easy to match with many other soft, fluffy options. This is easy to care for, cleans well, and is very comfortable.

Macaron shaped plush round pillow

Who doesn’t love a good plush pillow to have around the house? Although this is macaron aesthetic, you can use it to be playful or purpose it as a general shaped cushion plush round pillow. Use it as a bolster, soft cushion, back pillow, or head pillow. It’s sure to be an excellent match to existing decorations. If you’re a baker, a fan of macarons, or are buying for someone who loves them, this can be a nice gift.

Pack in the fluffiness in your home and give yourself a soft playground to settle into every night. Cute shapes, overstuffed pillows, and in a variety of colors, you can customize according to what’s existing in your interior home décor. Check these out and more at

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