Don’t You Love the Look of Unicorns? Grab Your Favourite From!

The Internet’s unicorn-obsessed and hey, we get it. We can’t say we don’t love them. Unicorn aesthetic is very trendy right now, with their cuteness on everything from bath bombs to plush pillows.

Unicorns are sort of the ultimate fantasy creature, a perfect marriage of courage, color, and feminism. Indulge in your love of unicorns with any of the several deals at One of the most popular unicorn products is this unicorn contour makeup brush, professional-grade yet perfect for any makeup enthusiast. Set, highlight, blend, and blush, as needed.

There’s also this classic unicorn drawstring backpack, ideal for any trip to school, the gym, summertime beach adventures, or for general travel. This is a great way to show you’re in on the trend, displaying publicly your adoration for all things unicorn. They’re not even a real animal however you wouldn’t know that by the sheer amount of unicorns we see daily both outside as well as on social media.

If you’ve got a birthday coming up for someone who’s absolutely in love – like, REALLY in love – with unicorns, these unicorn birthday party decorations are a fun way to make someone’s party stand out. The complete package comes with 10-piece balloons, 6-piece party fans, a unicorn birthday banner, and 20-piece paper tassels. These are a really great base for arts and crafts unicorn-style or if you intend to go even more unicorn with it, there’s all sorts of painting, accessories, cakes, and more you can toy with.

After the sun goes down and you need a little romance in the room, a neon unicorn indoor nightlight is a creative way to add some flare to a space. It’s LED and battery-operated, decorative, and is perfect for a retro-vibe glow. If you’re having a 1980s party or are indulging in a Stranger Things-themed night-in, a little bit of neon ain’t such a bad thing.

This is just where the unicorn fanaticism begins. On Instagram, there’s more than 12 million posts about unicorns, more than 990,000 posts about unicorn hair, and over 100,000 about unicorn makeup. All so colorful and imaginative, there’s something about the aesthetic of this mythical creature that keeps on giving and giving.

The modern incarnation of the unicorn continues to inspire people from all walks of life to jump into rainbow-colored aesthetic and big blots of glitter. At, these are just some of the products you’ll find that are perfect for a unicorn summer party, a unicorn birthday, or for representation of the unique unicorn aesthetic to others. Stop by any time and feel free to get together your best unicorn look!

Featured Photo by Silvia Trigo from Pexels

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