What Is It with All These Fruit Designs on Furniture – see the trend!

Fruit motifs have hit big this summer, just like they did last. There’s something about fruits in summertime that just make things feel festive. High-impact fruit motifs can be seen across t-shirts, furniture, and more. Bloggers, Instagrammers, and social media love them. Watermelon, citrus, pineapples, and more. It’s almost inescapable at this point!

Check out this 4-piece watermelon decorative pillows. They suit summertime activities on your porch, are perfect for adult drink nights or kids’ slumber parties, work for summer-themed parties, and can just add a nice touch of summer in the room. Fruit motifs like this can really knock your socks off and help emphasize the August vibes.

Summer Fruit Cushions, Set of 4

Special Price: $19.99

Summer Fruit Cushion, Lime

Special Price: $5.99

Heading out to the pool later this summer or planning an excursion out to the beach? Bring a watermelon island pool inflatable. Summer is all about relaxing and having fun by the water. Here’s a way to enjoy some fun on your own or with the kids. As if you haven’t noticed, watermelon’s in this year. The popular produce aesthetic can be seen all across summer home interiors and more.

Uh oh, the sun’s gone down! No one can see your watermelons! Hold up. We got your answer. Watermelon LED string lights are surprisingly bright, festive, and party-friendly. You can use them by the BBQ, inside for indoor parties, or otherwise. We’ve even seen them at wedding parties. They’re fun and the watermelon really brings out a sense of flirtatiousness, drinking, and even romance.

Watermelon LED Light String

Clearance: $5.40

Don’t get us wrong, watermelon’s aren’t the only fruit out there. If you’re familiar with fruit design motifs, you’ve probably seen pineapples used frequently like in these pineapple LED string lights. Pineapples, more than watermelons, work for summer as well as Christmas, wedding, general parties, camping, and more. The light from these is very romantic and warm, makes for a nice accent, and can be used to highlight photos, letters, typography, and art as you please.

Living.ca also has a large plush stuffed banana pillow. This cartoon banana is super soft, comfortable, and a fine summer gift for both adults and kids. It’s nice and decorative, and can suit the bedroom, living room, office, playroom, or the holidays. Fruit designs on furniture, décor, and summertime products are not going anywhere, going by sales numbers and what’s trending on social media. They’re bright and bold as accents, practically useful, and are fun for all ages to have. You don’t have to dress the whole home in fruit-inspired aesthetic but grabbing one or two of these will at least test out the theory that summertime fruit = fun.

Large Plush Banana Pillow

Special price: $13.99

Featured Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

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