How to Organize a Fun Back to School Event for the Family

Back to school is a special time of year for communities and families. Parents are getting ready, some sending their children off to school for the first time. Schools and teaches are starting on a new school year as well. Why not celebrate with a fun back to school event? End-of-summer celebrations are a nice way to look back and all in all, it’s a fun party to have. Here are some helpful ideas on how to do it!


What’s a better send-off than a BBQ? There’s probably not. Fire up the BBQ in the backyard and invite some family or friends over. Throw a proper bash for the kids and adults, with a classic slate of hot dogs, hamburgers, potatoes, and some vegetarian options.


If you don’t want to do the whole BBQ yourself, you can try organizing a community potluck. Everyone brings a dish. You can even still do a BBQ but there won’t be as much pressure. Low-cost, easy to organize, and it’s a nice way to bring families together. Some parents may find it difficult to participate because of finances but what the heck, invite them anyway! It’s a nice introduction to others in the neighborhood and you may come away with a new friend from it.

Ice cream it up

A fun way to send summer on its way is to have a little ice cream event. Just get as much vanilla ice cream as you can get and from there, go nuts with the toppings! Sauces, sprinkles, and everything. Prepare a nice ice cream bar to treat everyone to. This can be a nice element to tackle with a BBQ, although many may find this to be a little too much food.

Sports tailgate party

If there’s a local end-of-summer sports game coming up, piggy-back on it with your own pre-game organized tailgate party. Celebrate the back-to-school time with a more adults-oriented event. Encourage people to wear their sports gear, set up a playlist for the day, and socialize around hot dogs and great conversation. This is also a nice opportunity to meet others in the community and possibly introduce yourself to some parents or alternatively, your child to their classmates.

Pool party

Another great party-friendly back-to-school event you can put together is one based around a pool. If you’re lucky to have a pool or are able to rent a community pool, have a slash party. If possible or appropriate, you may try taking in some small fees from local parents or people who want to come. It can be a nice way to crowd-fund a special event for an end-of-summer celebration.

Featured Photo by Zun Zun from Pexels

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