Batman Day is September 21, Let’s Celebrate!

Batman is an iconic American legend, with nearly a century of history behind it. Over the years, Batman’s gone from being a character in a comic book to a 1960s-era juggernaut TV series, Burton-directed films which came in the late 1980s and 1990s, and then through to a merchandising and action figure favourite.

In the past two decades, Christopher Nolan-led Batmans reinvigorated the character which completely revitalized sales and revenues around Batman, while also bringing a whole new generation to appreciate one of the emotionally dark superheroes we have.

If you’re looking to celebrate Batman Day September 21, we have just the thing at We’re big fans of themed parties at hence why we’ve built a pretty hefty inventory of different party supplies.

For Batman Day 2019, we have tattoo sheets, Batman goodie bags, door posters, foil balloons, party hats, bubbles and wands, and Batman masks. All supplies are very affordable, they’re easy to order and have delivered to your front door, and should you not use them this September, they’re just as wonderful for a birthday party or really for any Batman-themed event.

Who isn’t a fan of at least one Batman movie? There’s never been a superhero in American culture, film, or TV with as much lifespan to it as Batman’s had. Almost everyone has a favourite incarnation of Batman, with some preferring the campy Adam West and others’ appreciating Christian Bale’s Batman best. Regardless of where you sit, Batman is something we all have watched at one point or another.

And, after all that, there isn’t a person out there who doesn’t love a fun party. Especially if you have a kid whose a big Batman fan, here’s your chance to make a real impression. You don’t need to be no citizen of Gotham to celebrate Batman Day. Pick up Batman party supplies and get on your way to having the ultimate event.

You may even hope to watch some of the best Batman movies or have a marathon of unwatched, unexpectedly brilliant Batman TV. There’s all sorts of Batman party games, video games, and even some board games out there for you to play. Adult party or kids party, September 21 is a fine opportunity to discuss one of our most iconic characters and one whose staying power has exceeded similar comic heroes, from Spiderman to Superman.

For high quality, cheaply priced party supplies in Canada like this, go wild with For Batman Day, we’ve got you covered! Tune up your best Batman costume and join us in celebrating the last weekend of summer done right.

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