What is the Fall Equinox – See Warm, Cozy Deals on Fun From Living.ca

The equinox in the fall signifies the end of the summer and an official moving from days longer than nights to our nights being longer than our days. Falling this year on September 23, the fall equinox marks the beginning of autumn as well.

On this day, we will have a 12-hour night and equal share of the day. Moving further into the colder months in Canada, we’ll being to see a splitting apart of day and night with the night continuing to overtake and gain ground.

As the days continue to get colder, consider capitalizing on some of Living.ca’s fall equinox September deals. Something as simple as a lightweight throw blanket adds a sense of visual warmth, in addition to giving you something to pull from when things get chilly.

Don’t go for the thermostat – pick up your breathable fleece plush throw instead. Pick up on it today and you’ll know that when you need it, it’s there. Warm and soft, it looks wonderful on a sofa or couch.

Another resource to have is a 2-litre hot water bottle. You never know when you might want warmth with you in bed. For when it’s a particularly cold autumn or winter night and you want to keep your heat bill down, fill your rubber hot water bottle and take it under the blanket with you.

What’s even better is a water bottle cover in luxe faux fur. When you choose Living.ca, you get both. Super soft, this alone will make you want to use it. Keep it with you on the couch, use it for pain relief, or offer it to someone else in the house who may need a little extra warmth.

For women this fall, a pair of fuzzy slipper socks can also provide you with a way to keep feet toasty, warm, and comfortable. A lot of us walk on hard flooring that can get very cold in a snowstorm, Canadian winter, or even in the early days of fall. If the fall equinox tells us nothing else, it’s that cold days are ahead. Before they hit, be prepared. Fun slipper socks at home in premium softness make for a great gift to yourself.

The last thing we want to mention on the subject of fall equinox deals is Living.ca’s farmhouse modern ceramic 3-piece tea set. If you’re living with roommates, friends, or family, brew some water and give everyone a cup of fresh tea or coffee. This will keep you warm and cozy in the colder hours of fall.

The equinox is celebrated a lot less than the solstice but it’s a day we can’t help but notice, particularly for those of us that enjoy making the most out of our daylight hours. Shop Living.ca today for more.

Featured Photo by Jb Jorge Barreto from Pexels

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