Do You Need Some Plant Décor Ideas for Fall – Greenify Your Home!

Interior design with plants is a beautiful thing, bringing inside what’s outside to represent an environmentally friendly, green home. You can find plenty of bright, lively ideas on plant décor and how to use plants throughout your home on There are some real neat ways to create cute stations where plants real and faux can exist as you like.

A picture frame

A creative way to really give your plant a proper showcase is a picture frame. A simple plant picture frame to mount on a wall and hang it there, it adds a whole new dimension to a plant presentation. Compared to the expectation of a typical flower-in-vase, this is a nice way to feature a plant you’re particularly proud of or something that’s a high value.

Concrete planter pot on a wood stand

Easy to assemble, use this concrete planter pot on wood indoors or out. In summer, you can add it to your garden and during winter, you can bring these plants in to keep them going. A very contemporary yet timeless interior design choice, you can set in your loveliest tiny plants here watching them grow year-round. Style their surroundings as you see fit!

Hanging planter with rope

If all your surfaces have stuff going on and there’s no real way for you to add any more plants, move to the skies! The great thing about a hanging planter with rope is you can move it. It can work great inside a home over fall and winter but then, come spring, you can move it onto a balcony or porch. Alternatively, if you don’t want to hang it from the wall, tie it to your ceiling. Adaptable to the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, it’s a practical way to decorate with plants.

Using a tripod

Tripods are normally thought of as a product for photographers or filmmakers. After all, tripods aren’t really for plants – or you’d think. Today’s minimalism-influenced interior design trends will argue otherwise however. Take a couple plant tripods with stands and set them up on a desk, table, or ground, and give your home an extra sense of dazzle.

Gardening lovers don’t have to pack it all the way in come winter. Add plants inside your home and continue with your gardening spirit! Indoors can be a beautiful, lively plant shrine when you mix in the right plants and decorate sparingly. Be eclectic, be creative, and add some variety to what can be drab indoors.

Featured Photo by Huy Phan from Pexels

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