Some Thanksgiving Décor Ideas to Add Some Holiday Flavor to the Fall

Are you looking for a modern, exciting way to decorate for Thanksgiving and fall? Check out for a number of affordably priced Thanksgiving décor ideas. As the colors change, provide your home with a new look. It’s not yet Christmas, not yet Halloween. Step away from clichés and set yourself up with high class, rustic autumn décor.

Harvest hanging plaque

When it comes to Thanksgiving décor ideas, a lot of us lean on autumn and harvest style decorations This harvest plaque is very rusting, lightweight, and perfect for both indoors and outdoors. It provides a very family-friendly vibe, akin to something handmade. Revel in the old-fashioned fun of a plaque.

Thanksgiving tinsel wreath

Though this is a Thanksgiving tinsel wreath, it works well all fall long. Resembling the colors of Halloween and the falling leaves, it’s a welcoming piece to hang on your door. No assembly needed. It’s all ready to go. Best for indoor use as it’s very light. As messy as fall can be, the joy is in seeing all those colors swirl together under the trees. This wreathe brings together a little of that.

6” mini turkey Thanksgiving centerpieces

Leaning on cultural traditions and some party ware, a collection of four 6” mini turkey centerpieces for Thanksgiving is a nice way to celebrate the occasion. Add them to the Thanksgiving dinner table, instead of hanging them like you normally would for these sort of decorations. They’re cut out paper on top of a red paper honeycomb. Needless to say, inexpensive but well worth including in your Thanksgiving party haul.

Light up LED maple leaf tree

Have a happy Thanksgiving with its very own LED maple leaf tree. Set up with 24 LED lights, this adds a beautiful color to any autumn setup and blends well with Christmas, Halloween, or any autumn-themed events you may be hosting. This further adds to the cozy warmth of indoor hosting, away from the growing cold of the approaching winter. Compliment this Thanksgiving tree with apples, sunflowers, and fall leaves underneath it – a great idea for kids.

Stuffed soft plush pillow

As the seasons change, so should some of your cushions. Replace what’s old and beat up with something. Choose a high quality soft plush pillow from to give your Thanksgiving something cuddly.

This Thanksgiving, go modern and minimal with Thanksgiving décor mixed with fall décor. September through December is a time of year meant to be cherished. Spend it with family, friends, and make the season count. Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday. Celebrate it with

Featured Photo by Toni Cuenca from Pexels

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