Why Would a Dog Owner Want a Dog Stroller – the answer’s important!

When we mention a dog stroller to somebody, we get nothing but eye rolls and expressions of bewonderment. Certainly, there are many, many pups who don’t need such a thing. After all, they’re dogs! They’re meant to have a walk now and again! In fact, it’s a necessity to maintain good dog health. That said, for some pet owners and dog owners a stroller serves a purpose. Here’s a few reasons why dog owners buy strollers for their furry friend.

No strain pet carrier

A dog stroller makes it easier to carry a dog, placing less strain on the back, shoulders, and neck. For people who may have be physically disabled or who have chronic pain in these areas, a stroller’s a life-saver.

An easier visit to the vet

If you don’t like the idea of carrying your dog in, having him in a kennel, or are transporting puppies, a dog stroller is an easier way to get there. It’s comfortable and stress-free for the dog, and will help keep everyone together.

Helpful to older dogs

Older dogs don’t always have the energy to go for a walk outside. Some physically can’t do it. Dog strollers allow a pet owner and their pup to still get outdoors. If the dog is older and doesn’t have the same endurance he once did, you can still give him a little fresh air this way.

Take a tiny puppy with you on a run

If you have a very small dog and want to head out to get some exercise done, pack the little puppy in with his favourite toys or stuff that’s safe and familiar. You can take him with you. You don’t have to leave the little guy at home.

Take him to events

If you have concerns about your dog interacting with others, a foldable dog stroller is an opportune way to get him from your home to an event like a picnic, festival, dog show, or any other outdoor event.

Protect their paws

In the summer sun or harsh Canadian winter, a pavement’s rough on the paws. Quickly, a dog can get too hot or too cold. Protect them from the temperatures on the sidewalk and when a pup gets tired on their walk or even just to take them out to allow them to see some place different, a stroller’s a convenient way to do so.

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Featured Photo by Chevanon Photography from Pexels

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