What is a PTC Heater and How Does it Work – read here!

PTC heaters use specialized heating discs built from advanced ceramic materials. Otherwise referred to as ‘positive temperature coefficient’ heaters, PTCs are safe, very powerful, and efficient in their energy use. For small spaces, a PTC heater will work wonders.

PTC heaters are self-regulating heating systems. There is no risk of overheating, as it limits temperature. This is why they are considered very safe. The conductivity of heat is strong and efficient design makes it so that these type of heaters can outlive other similar heating systems in lifespan. PTC heaters suit a number of purposes, industries, and applications, and are very dynamic.

  • Outdoor clothing brands have begun using PTC heating systems embedded direct into clothing. They do this by running open-loop tech through jackets, vests, socks, gloves, and more.
  • They’re used in automotive and aerospace industries, being compact and lightweight enough to heat plane and vehicle interiors with ease. Any seat heaters, steering wheel heaters, plane de-icers, and similar items likely use a PTC heater.
  • PTC heating systems in public spaces have helped to heat restaurant patios, stadiums, convention centers and more.
  • PTCs work in the food and beverage industry to keep foods and fluids at consistent temperatures. They’re applied in processing plants, in transportation, and in restaurants.
  • PTC heaters are used in healthcare to help heat operating tables, gurneys, and beds, employed in various under-body heating systems.

There are other heaters in the marketplace, non-PTC, which are less reliable and less safe. You won’t need to stress about using a PTC heater. A PTC heater is better than a traditional coil or ceramic chip heater.

When you buy a PTC heater in Canada from Living.ca, you receive a heater that’s portable, oscillating, and adjustable in temperature. It heats up in seconds, with 1,500 watts of warmth behind it. Instead of reaching for a thermostat in your home, this cost-efficient, eco-friendly heater’s going to do the trick. For rooms small and large, give this one a try.

What’s particularly impressive about this model is that there’s high output at 1,500 watts, low at 900 watts, and fan only. You can use it during winter to heat the room or simply turn it on for the fan during warmer days. Overheating protection and tip-over protection is built into the design, protecting your home from any damage.

Use it for hours on end – easy and inexpensive. Get it delivered right to your front door, free shipping included on Living.ca’s dime.

LIVINGbasics™ Portable PTC Ceramic Heater
  • Regular price: $49.99

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