Home Décor Themes and Tips for a Cabin Rustic Style

The gorgeous interior of a cabin-esque rustic style home presents something unique and fashionably off-trend. If you like a more vintage, rustic look, or items that pay tribute to simpler living away from the modern contemporary influence, there are a number of unique themes offered here in this article to help you make your home something grand.

When we’re looking for opportunities to have a cabin rustic style look, all we’re doing is taking components of a home and applying a new aesthetic to it. For example, chandeliers occupy many dining rooms, kitchens, hallways, and living spaces. This is a premiere opportunity to self-express your own rustic motif with a Antique Finish Wood Chandelier. Blending modern contemporary with a little bit of rustic, it won’t feel out of place and looks amazing!

Antique Finish 6-Light Wood Chandelier
  • Original price: $399

A key element in any cabin-style home decor is the look and presence of wood. Old-style materials will really set the atmosphere and bring your home back to looking like your own personal rustic escape. Taking a traditional plastic placemat in the kitchen and replace it with a reusable, eco-friendly wood chips placemat. This is an environmentally sustainable way to do décor that’s also sure to catch the eye of any guest.

Wood Chips Placemat, 14″x14″

Another key theme in home décor for a rustic vibe are animals. A squirrel printed cushion is very cute, as can be figurines around the house of different animals you might normally find in the forest. Following up with that, if you love to hunt, a welcoming deer hanging plaque at your front entrance can take the place of the usual welcome mat. For wildlife lovers and hunters, representation and little nods around the house like this can emphasize the cabin look. Small choices join together to create a unified aesthetic theme – whether that’s home décor or any type of art representation.

Squirrel Printed Cushion with Fur Trim Reverse, 17″X17″
WELCOME Deer Hanging Plaque, 9.5″X6″

A final idea we want to mention to employ in your cabin-style home décor plan is the sporadic use of metal. Now metal should normally be reserved for outside and gardens but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it inside here and there. A white metal watering can screams ‘living on a farm!’ It’s a vintage-style vase you can use for flowers, works as a French country-style décor piece, or can be used to water your garden or plants around the house.

White Metal Watering Can, 6.”5X13″

Cabin-style rustic home décor isn’t an original idea – and that’s a good thing. It means you definitely have some options out there for different items to set up in your home. Find your replacement opportunities with ease and begin switching anything dull or modern out with vintage, rustic alternatives. Shop them today at Living.ca.

Featured Photo by Inactive. from Pexels

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