How to Use a Sponge to Apply Foundation with Ease and Confidence

The days of applying foundation with your fingertips are over. You can’t blend with fingertips, unlike what can be done with a sponge. Once you get the hang of using a makeup sponge, suddenly your foundation skills are going to explode. Though one might look at a sponge and assume it’s so easy – and they aren’t entirely wrong – there is still an efficient way to do it and what’s considered a wrong way.

The first step in using a sponge to apply foundation is to wet it. Don’t use it dry – never. Soak a sponge under water to ensure it’s fully saturated and then wring out any excess water. You’ll notice doing this gives you a more natural finish and protects against soaking up excess foundation.

The next step is to dip the sponge into foundation. Gently press it onto the skin, giving you the coverage you’re going for. A lot of people bounce and dab it, though you can roll it as well. Dabbing it tends to provide a more seamless finish, allowing the product to slowly melt into the skin.

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The difference for some in going from fingertips to a sponge is similar to the difference in using a fist to pound in a nail compared to a hammer. A sponge gives you so much more ability in accomplishing your goal. So all in all, the biggest trick is getting it wet and moving around gradually with dabs. That’s how you apply foundation with a sponge!

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If your sponge has a pointy edge, there’s also a reason for this. The pointy edge goes into areas tough to reach, like around the nose and even under the eyes. Buying a sponge to apply foundation, always choose one with a sharp or smooth point that allows you to get in there. Following application, ensure you rinse it off quickly. A brush cleaner can be used or doing it in a lather with a facial cleanser works. Thoroughly rinse and squeeze it until there aren’t any suds coming out.

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Sponges are thankfully inexpensive, meaning there’s no excuse to not have it in your bag for foundation application. A 6-pack of triangle makeup sponges certainly works. You can use sponges like this for wet and dry use depending on what you’re doing, and it suits liquid and powder cosmetics as well.

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