A Clean Room, A Better Life

We get busy. Work, family, hobbies, and social outings. For some of us, doing the laundry and making the bed doesn’t serve a purpose. After all, what does it matter if you’re just going to essentially mess everything up again – well, there are actual consequences to your health.

There are a number of reasons why we clean our rooms. Let’s start with an obvious one – filthy bacteria. It’s always growing somewhere. We pick it up and bring it home, and in our homes bacteria grows. The best way to extinguish it is to clean, wash, and tidy. Messes can become gathering places for the ugly stuff. Take away the mess, you reduce the number of places bacteria can grow.

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Another benefit to your heath in cleaning your room is the fact that you’re saving time and frustration. Have you ever had to go digging for something in a disorganized closet – it’s a complete waste of time! If things were organized in the first place, you’d know where to go to grab something and you wouldn’t have to spend an extra twenty minutes you don’t have searching for something you should be able to grab in a half-second.

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What about focus? Statistically speaking, people who clean their rooms are more focused professionally and personally. If you are feeling bogged down by work or personal matters, cleaning your room is a great way to literally create space for you to breathe. When you’re organized, everything’s where it needs to be and you’re ready to take on the day. If you want success in your professional or personal life, you’ll be better set up for it with a clean room.

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Are you feeling down mental health-wise? If you aren’t feeling valued or are struggling with something, cleaning your room can get your mind off it. Cleaning, in fact, can be very therapeutic. If there’s something to overcome or you’ve recently experienced a major life change, giving things a clean can help accustom the body to getting rid of the sort of thought patterns that may be holding you down. Some people may not experience the same sort of success in relieving mental health symptoms through cleaning but some do.

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Your bedroom isn’t your kitchen, dining area, living room, hallway, or bathroom. This space is entirely yours. It’s personal. It’s where you sleep and wake up, and live. When it’s cluttered, your life’s likely probably going to look a little cluttered as well. You don’t want the bedroom to be somewhere that’s frustrating you because it’s a mess, that distracts you, that stresses you out, and/or that makes you feel bad about your home. If you want to feel good about yourself, cleaning’s a strategy that has worked for many, many people. A clean room really does equate to a better life.

Featured Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

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