Do I Really Need an Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat – Benefits, Pros, and Tips

An electronic bidet toilet seat may seem a little on the luxe side for some households but hold judgment for a minute. Using the latest in tech, the result is something actually pretty fabulous.

Do you like heated toilet seats?

The cold toilet seat – yikes! We’ve all been there. We get up in the early morning, step into the washroom, and sit down. Instantly, we’re hit with a jolt of freeze. If you’re sensitive to cold temperatures, or even if you’re not, anyone can appreciate a heated toilet seat.

Have you had a warm water wash?

A warm water posterior wash is exactly what you think it is and yes, it’s quite the unique experience. A lot of the features of this electronic toilet seat involve the use of heat. The worst bidets will hit with you water that hasn’t been properly warmed. This model doesn’t do that. In fact, you may just like it so much you’ll be back on the toilet a little more often than normal!

No buttons – take your remote

This electronic bidet comes with a lot of features to appreciate and thankfully, you won’t have to fumble around the seat’s edge to figure out how things work. No, you have a remote. This gives you the chance to change the seat’s temperature, engage in self-cleaning mechanisms, commence air drying, and operate other benefits.

The benefits of a feminine wash on a bidet

Another key feature of this bidet toilet seat is its feminine nozzle spray which can be manipulated according to the angle preferred. The intensity of the spray can be adjusted as well. For any person short on time or who simply wants a little touch-up, this can be your solution.

A nightlight design for sight and sterilization

When they designed this electronic bidet toilet seat, they wanted to give a little extra. Enter in a nightlight which both acts as a way to provide light to see and which also uses UV rays for sterilization inside the toilet bowl. This helps to reduce odors, keep things looking tidy, and completely changes the dynamic of a bathroom.

What are the advantages of instant heating tech?

Instant heating tech doesn’t just warm the water for the person using the toilet. It works a lot of other elements, including saving energy, minimizing bacteria breeding, and regulating ugly scents. When you add on the UV sterilization, which takes care of a lot of hard-to-eliminate bacteria, you end up with a toilet that is a lot – A LOT! – cleaner.

Wouldn’t you like to not clean the toilet again?

An electronic toilet seat cleans the toilet for you. This is ideal for children and the elderly. The cleaning process involves 90s hip cleaning and 4 minutes of warm air drying. It’s effective in keeping things looking like new, void of any contamination.

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LIVINGbasics™ Electronic Toilet Bidet

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