Stay In and Be Fit – 4 Ways to Exercise At Home

To feel and look your best, exercise is a must. Alongside eating right, fitness provides a guiding influence on health. You don’t need a $100/month gym membership to live a healthier life and challenge your body from a cardiovascular standpoint. There are dozens of exercise you can perform at home with the assistance of inexpensive home exercise equipment. Here is our cheapest and most cost-effective home exercise tools we could find.

Resistance bands

You may have heard about resistance bands for low-impact exercise. For people who may struggle to lift weights or with mobility issues, start small and gradual. No one lifts a 400-pound barbell without first working their way up. To get you moving and challenging yourself at home, resistance loop bands can be used to strengthen the glutes, abs, core, and give a unique cardiovascular workout that will get your blood pumping.

PHAT™ Premium 2 Core Sliders + 5 Resistance Bands

Wooden balance board stability trainer

A wooden balance board most commonly gets used in sports performance training, injury rehabilitation, and general exercise classes. What a balance board does is strengthen one’s stability muscles, aids in balance and knowing where weight is placed on one’s body, and complicates otherwise simple exercises which means you have to work harder to do them. This wooden stability board is great for at home use and can be combined with several exercises.

PHAT™ Wooden Balance Board

Abdominal wheel roller for a core workout

Your core is where you pull all your strength from. An ab wheel roller for core exercises is a very difficult yet adjustable workout to partake in. You can go as intense or as easy as you wish, depending on your fitness level. In an ab wheel roller workout, you will get to work your upper abdominals and lower, obliques, arms, back, and core. No gym membership needed. You do it all at home. Adjust it as you go alone to continue to challenge yourself.

PHAT™ Abdominal Wheel Roller

Resistance band set

If you want to get serious with resistance bands, you can pick up a multi-piece resistance band set. In the resistance band workout kit from for example, you receive multiple bands each assigned a weight from 5 pounds to 25 pounds as well as a door anchor, carry bag, cushioned handles, and ankle straps. This collection gives you a lot more possibilities for your workout. You can even take them with you travelling and do the exercise in your hotel room!

PHAT™ 11Pcs Resistance Band Set

It’s very, very hard getting started on an exercise routine. Being able to do it at home makes it much easier and will help you get strong enough to take things further down the road. Choose exercise essentials and home fitness equipment for beginners from today.

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