What Are Canada’s Best-Selling Children’s Toys This Year – read here!

What makes a best-selling children’s toy – this is a question mulled over every year by many corporations. For the sake of kindness and fun, some of the similarities between the toys best received are that they’re inventive, imaginative, and of course captures attention.

Every year, we see kids rushing in for a mix of trendy children’s toys and gadgets, alongside a few classics that have never gone away. On sale for a limited time, we’ve chosen to highlight our favourites. Here are some of the best-selling children’s toys so far in 2020.

Wooden building blocks

An eco-friendly, imaginative children’s toy is a multi-piece wooden building blocks set. All different sizes and shapes, the Tooky Toy collection makes theirs from sustainable woods and safe paints. There are no plastic involved. For children ages 12 months and up, the opportunity to see, understand, feel, and create shapes is not only fun but adds to their development.

Tooky Toy® 50 Piece Wooden Building Blocks Set

My Calendar Kids calendar board

For young children, they may not have a full grasp on how days, weeks, and months occur. An eco-friendly calendar board like this outlines the days of the month, week, weather, hour, and more. Using non-toxic finishes and child-safe materials, this is a colorful way to teach your child something new and allow them to get to know skills like understanding the passing of time, weather patterns, and how to read a clock.

Tooky Toy® My Calendar Kids Calendar Board

Eco-friendly wooden train set

A classic, timely children’s toy that continues to be one of the best-selling toys this year is a beautifully crafted, eco-friendly manufactured, non-toxic wooden train set. Included in the Living.ca Tooky Toy set are vehicles, road signs, trees, and figures allowing a child to design an entire village according to their design. All pieces are safe and made from micro-density fibreboard.

Tooky Toy Train Set

Grocery shopping cart

Call it a desire for more responsibility but one of the most popular children’s toys this year is a massive 80-piece toy grocery shopping cart. Of course, you don’t just receive the cart. An assortment of faux fruits, veggies, food boxes, and other grocery store items are included in this set. This can be an opportunity to share more information parent to child about eating right, healthy meals, and even the expense of buying and budgeting for foods. Bright and colorful, kids have a lot of fun playing with their shopping cart just like their parents.

Toy Grocery Shopping Cart w/80 pcs Play Food

For this very early 2020 period, these are just a few of the most in-demand children’s toys in Canada. Though we are sure the roll-out of new trendy toys later in the year will impact what’s popular, the 4 toys included on this list have more than proven their ability to stick around. Pick them up from Living.ca today.

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