How Do You Throw a Birthday For Someone Born on a Leap Day

For someone born on a leap day, they only get a true birthday every four years. This amps requirements for what a birthday celebration is really supposed to be about. After all, they’re celebrating four years wrapped into one.

Think about the person you’re celebrating. It’s highly recommended to go big with a birthday party but what that means to an individual can be different than what it means to us. Party tableware, decorations, gift packages, party balloons, birthday candies, candles, birthday games, and party favors are all places you can go. Not everyone likes big celebrations though. Always go with your gut instinct on what you think the person might prefer.

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A leap year birthday is a time to get silly, have fun, and really make it special for the birthday person. After all, someone who is turning 64 on their leap day birthday this year will actually be turning 16 in a weird way. A person turning 20 years old will be celebrating their 5th birthday. Someone 32 years old on leap day 2020 will actually only be 8 years old. There’s a lot of silliness that can be played off this.

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A themed birthday party can take some focus off the leap year aspect but they do work well creating an events-like feel for a party. For example, if you go with a theme based around the number of the leap year birthday they’re celebrating, someone turning 7 can have balloons, streamers, and an adult version’s 7 year old birthday party. If you don’t want to hit the ‘leap theme’ so on the head, other popular options are a unicorn theme, magical princess, pink ballerina, 1980s and 1990s themes, tie dye 1960s theme, cats, mermaids, and more.

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Did you know in Canada, there are about 400,000 of us born on leap days – it’s very true. Extravagant birthdays like you’d typically have on a sixteenth birthday or fiftieth birthday, that vibe is exactly what you want to give a celebration like this. Whether they admit it or not, celebrating a birthday on a day it’s not on isn’t fun. It doesn’t always feel special. Leap year birthday parties have to make up for that.

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