Your List of Gardening Essentials for Spring 2020

The best time to start planning your garden is a few weeks before the first day of spring. For passionate gardeners, we invest a lot into everything from the soil we create to the plants we choose to install in our beds.

For all the love and beauty we reap in our gardens, that doesn’t change the fact that it’s hard work. At the end of the gardening season, come October, it’s not uncommon to have tools completely worn and wrecked.

Now’s a great opportunity to buy new garden essentials and stock up on what you need to be able to work in your garden comfortably. Here is your list of gardening essentials for spring.

7-piece garden tool set

Last season, if you really destroyed your stainless steel garden tools, why not pick up a whole different set – here’s your chance. This 7-piece gardening tool set has sturdy stainless steel gardening tools as well as a detachable canvas bag and a heavy duty folding stool. Have everything you need to comfortably and work at different elevations efficiently.

GreenWise™ 7 Piece All-In-One Garden Tool Set

24” plastic picket fence for your garden

A great way to beautify gardening beds or to separate different sections of your garden is via these 24” picket fences for gardens. They are easy to install and built from a long-lasting plastic resin. Use them to keep plants growing inside the garden rather than hanging over your bed. Emphasize your garden and other landscaping as needed.

Platic Picket Fence

Garden dump cart with a steel frame

For a garden larger than the size of a small room, it’s tough lugging materials, plants, and gardening supplies around. A dump cart can hold heavy pots and plants, soil, fertilizer, and a variety of other tools. With a capacity to hold up to 440 pounds, feel free to fill it up with all the gravel, sand, or soil you need.

GreenWise™ Garden Dump Cart

Antique rustic owl garden statue

The focus of any person’s garden are the plants or the vegetables and the design. In a garden’s design, we use centerpieces and talking points like this antique rustic owl garden statue. For animal lovers and owl lovers, these sort of animal statues give a garden a very welcoming, whimsical feel. In summer, they can be used in the garden to add new shapes and come wintertime, an owl looks even cooler outside.

Antique Rustic Owl Garden Statue

Prior to planting this spring, get all your ducks in a row. There’s no need to risk injury or make gardening any more difficult than it needs to be. Get the right tools. Find the right look. Visit today.

Featured Photo by Daniel Anuar from Pexels

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